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Subject: Mark - series Part #26MARK
PART #26WARNING: This is free rape preteen a gay fantasy involving homosexual acts between
gay men and boys. If you are not of legal age to be reading this material or
you do not approve of this type of material, PLEASE GO NO
FURTHER. Find other material that meets your approval.
Mark and Lee were sleeping quietly as Calvin parked his Toyota in the
employee area. He was wondering if there would be an answer to the
note he had sent Mark but he was not russa preteen panties getting his hopes up. Entering the
motel thru the kitchen entrance, employees were not allowed to use the
Main Entrance, he walked through and into the hallway leading porn forum preteen to the
lobby. Several friends asked him what he was doing there on his day off
and he answered with the usual banter of not being able to stay away
from the place or he loved it so much, etc, etc. The usual stuff that
employee friends go though but his mind was on what might be waiting at
the front desk and his answers were automatic.Calvin stopped just short of entering the lobby behind a very large
planter and looked to see who was working the desk and preteen pure saw it was
Greta, a little closer then some of the others he worked with, she was
cool. all preteen models Seeing no one else right then, he walked over to the desk and preteen 50 models Greta
looked up......."Calvin" she said, "What are you doing here? Aren't you off until
tomorrow?""Yeah Greta, I am" he answers "but a friend of mine was going to leave a
letter here for me, have you seen it?""No Calvin, I don't think so but let me check." Returning, Greta says
"sorry Calvin, nothing here. It has been slow this morning, only a few
people hand jobs preteen have checked in and no one out."Standing for a minute or two, Calvin says "Okay Greta, thanks for
looking. I might check back later or maybe call before you get off. Would
that be okay?""Sure Calvin, I will be on the lookout for anything."Starting to turn and dirty little preteens leave Calvin hairy photo preteen hears "Masters, what are you doing
here?"Mr. Coleman, General preteen japanese legal Manager of the motel is standing there at preteen lesbian galleries the
doorway into his office looking preteen family xxx as always like an Army Drill Instructor
which he had been in a past life. Mr. Coleman always addressed
employees by their surnames which he and others hated."Oh Mr. Coleman" Calvin stammers, "I lost my mother's car keys dvd porn preteen and
thought I might have dropped them here or maybe someone preteens porno video
found them
and turned them in. Greta couldn't find anything though.""Well, sorry to hear that. nude preteen blog However since you are here, you can do me a
favor. Ralph didn't show for his shift this morning and I have a package
that needs to be delivered to Suite #106, the Michaels suite. You
wouldn't mind delivering it would you?"Calvin knew better then refuse a request from Mr. Coleman and when he
heard the suite number his heart skipped a beat preteenpedro***** and he caught his
breath."No sir, I wouldn't mind at all. Give me a second to change into my motel
jacket and I will be happy to take care of it for you.""That won't be necessary Masters. You look fine the way you are and no
need to hold you up preteen angel nudes any longer then needed. I know you want to be on
your way and look for those keys" as Coleman went into his office
returning with a large package wrapped paper and ribbons.Handing the package pedo petite preteen to Calvin with the comment "there is a card with it
and you might wait for just a second to see if there is an answer.""Yes Mr. Coleman, I will. Excuse me sir, I had thought about taking a
swim before going home if that would be alright?""No problem Masters, employees are allowed the use of the
Health Atrium preteen porn blowjob in their off time" and he turned preteen image nu abruptly and went
into his office.Calvin walked to the door leading into the hallway that would take him to
the private suites. On the way he noticed the return address on the
envelope that was under the ribbons, it was Woolford Clothiers. Calvin
had seen Mr. Woolford several times in the motel with Mr. Coleman and
assumed they were good friends. He wondered what could be in the
package since it was light but bulky and assumed it preteen nudist dancing
was clothing.........Hearing a light tapping noise, Lee awoke cheerleader pics preteen with a numbness in his right
arm. Mark was snuggled close and his head had cut off some of the
circulation. Trying not to disturb him, he lifted his arm up slowly and
again hears the light tapping, it was someone youngest preteen boy knocking at the door.Putting on his robe, Lee walks swiftly to cute naked preteen the door and looking through
the peephole he sees Calvin holding a large package and swings the door
open."Come in Calvin, preteen nonude tgp what do you have there?""Good afternoon Mr. Michaels. Mr. Coleman, the manager, asked me to
deliver this to you. There is a card attached if there is a return message."Looking at Calvin in some surprise, Lee says "Afternoon, lord is it that
late" and seeing the clock on the table reading 1:15PM exclaims "Damn,
slept half the day away."Taking the package from Calvin, Lee walks to the desk and starts
opening it up when he realizes that Calvin is standing in the open
doorway....."Excuse me Calvin, preteen inlegal come inside and close the door while I see what we
have here."Calvin closes the door quietly and turning watches Lee as he opens the
package. He sees a good looking man that is beautifully built and even
though he is wearing a knee length babyj preteen
robe, the definition of his body is
obvious. He had seen him earlier in a bathing suit but dressed this way,
he was sexier then before and Calvin could feel his mouth becoming dry
and a strong feeling in his groin. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees a
movement and then Mark emerges in the doorway into the bedroom totally
naked."Uncle Lee, when did you get up? I thought I heard someone knocking at
the door" Mark sweet little preteens asks before he realizes that asian preteen cum Calvin is standing in the
room and then chokes out "oops, gosh. Where did you come from" and
quickly turns back into the bedroom.Looking up at hearing Mark, Lee quickly glances at Calvin "looks like you
an eyeful and I have not seen him move that fast before" and he chuckles to
himself at noticing the large bulge in Calvin's trousers.Calvin stands speechless at the sight of Mark completely naked and he
felt his **** stretch and harden at the sight. He feels a weakness in his
knees and was afraid he might fall if he didn't get control of himself as he
thinks " my god I have never seen anyone so gorgeous, so beautiful." With
thought running through his head, he free preteen nubiles
3d preteen animation does not hear Lee......."Calvin, Calvin. Hello Earth to Calvin, would you like to sit down before
you fall down?""Yes preteen ls angels
sir, errr no sir, oh I'm sorry Mr. Michaels I don't know what I am
saying, he caught me completely off guard when he walked into the
room.""Yes Calvin, kamilla models preteens I could see that. He does have that effect. Who did you say
asked you to deliver this package?""Mr. Coleman sir, he is the manager. I noticed the return address on the
envelope and saw it was from Mr. Woolford. I assume he sent it over."Lee finishes opening the package as he listens to Calvin and turning
holds up a beautiful dark blue full length soft terry cloth robe in one hand
and its white matching one in the other. At that moment Mark returns
and he is dressed in his black spandex bathing suit with a 3d nn preteen
towel over his
shoulder. Lee hears a slight gasp from Calvin as they watch Mark glide
across the floor rather then erotic preteen nonnude walking. Lee knew what Calvin was going
through at that moment and he couldn't blame him. One could fall in
love with Mark at a glance.As Mark reached him, he handed him the white robe, "Seems like
William thinks we needed robes sport. The white for you and the blue for
me. White for the virgin, his words not mine.""Calvin" Lee says as he watches Mark slip the robe over his shoulders
"have you ever met Mr. Woolford?""No sir, I haven't. I have seen him with Mr. Coleman and thought
they must be friends but I have never met him. That robe looks
fantastic on your nephew sir,it reaches almost to the floor.""Thanks Calvin" Mark says as he runs his hands down over the fabric, " I
have never had anything like it before.""William has asked us out for dinner again sport. I need to call him and
confirm the time, better get that done."Standing up Calvin looks at Mark and then says to Lee "I have to be
going Mr. Michaels. Your breakfast cart is still here, would you like
for me to take it, I will be going right by the kitchen?"Lee looks at Calvin and then at Mark, "Is that what you want too do
Calvin? I thought you might have something else you wanted to do this
afternoon other then pushing dirty dishes around. The staff can do it."Calvin stammers for a moment and then "well I had thought story preteen underage about taking
a swim in the Atrium since it is my day off. I don't mind returning the
cart though" as he felt himself blushing and a hot wave washing over his
body leaving him in a light sweat.Mark finally manages to utter "Uncle Lee, if Calvin wants to go
swimming and its okay, would it be alright if we swam together? You said
you had to call Uncle William and I would just be hanging around."Lee turns with a mpegs preteen nymphets twinkle in preteens galleries bbs
his eye an winks at Mark "I don't
see why not if Calvin wouldn't mind swimming in the same pool with you.
If he does not have a robe he can use my old one while I wear the one
that William sent." naked animated preteens
Lee strips off the old and handing it to Mark he preteens nudist models slips
the new robe over his shoulders as he hears another slight gasp from both
Mark and Calvin as he was briefly naked, his now half hard **** displayed."No sir, I wouldn't mind at all nudist illegal preteen
but I need to go to my locker and get my
bathing suit first." Calvin again manages to stammer.Lee looks at the boy and asks "what is your waist size Calvin?""Mine sir, 32, why?""Good, you can wear my suit since I won't be swimming. Mark can show
you where it is and you can change here. Mark does not have another
with him besides his waist is only a 30, little tight for you.""Come on Calvin, in the bedroom. I'll show you and get hot pre teensex another towel."
Lee watches both boys as they leave the room and feels a little twinge of
envy and just a tad of jealousy. He remembers the day he had his first
encounter with another man other then William and the excitement he
had experienced as well as the anguish. Anguish at leaving William who
had been his comfort zone for so long. He reached for the telephone and
dialed his number again listening for the familiar formal answer......."William Woolford, how may I help you?""Lee here William. Is the invitation for dinner still open or have we
waited too long in replying?""No Lee, I was waiting. I made reservations at nymphets underage preteen
ChoLins for dinner. You
and Mark seemed to enjoy his place. Dinner is at 7:30 and I preteen love child will have
Charles pick you up at 7:00 if that is satisfactory, he can swing by and
pick me up on the way back. By the way Lee, Charles does not say much
very often but he was really taken by you and Mark. He told me that you
both reminded him so much of his sons and that is high praise Lee.
Charles doted on those boys and would have died in their place if it had
been possible.""I really appreciate that Uncle Bill, we both like Charles. Hold it a
second Uncle Bill" holding the receiver away from his mouth Lee stops
Mark and Calvin and says "you guys be careful and no running, okay."Both boys in unison reply, "yes naturist preteen naked sir" as they close the door with a loud
slam.Holding the receiver with a smile on dark preteen horny his face Lee hears William "Lee,
Lee......""Still here William, sorry for the interruption. Dinner preteens dutch at ChoLins will be
perfect and we will be ready when Charles arrives.""Lee, did I hear you say "guys" as in the plural meaning two?""You did Uncle Bill. Mark and a friend were going swimming and I just
wanted them to be careful. Those floors can be slippery and you know
young boys can be overly active sometimes.""Yes I do, very well. 15yo best preteen Who is this friend, where did they meet?""The boy's name is Calvin and he works here in the motel and they both
have taken a shine to each other. Under the circumstances, I am
assuming that he is gay, I don't know that for a fact but all indications
are that he may be. He seems to pop up darkcollection russian preteens whenever Mark and I are outside and
he sent a note asking if they could meet and get to know each other. That
alone is
a pretty good indicator wouldn't you say?"Lee hears a light 12yo pic preteen
chuckle and then "yes Lee, I sure would. He works in the
motel you say?"Lee knew the conversation would go in this direction with a little
prodding of William. He had a natural curiosity about young men and
couldn't resist learning more."William, do you know a Mr. Coleman that works here in the motel? He
sent Calvin here with the robes you sent over, thanks a lot. Calvin
mentioned that fotos angels preteens he had seen you preteen boy tpg in the motel with this Coleman fellow and
assumed you and he were friends.""The robes were sent since my sources told me that you and Mark
seemed to only have one robe between you. I should have let Mark take
the one he wore yesterday, I may still. Coleman you ask? Yes, I have
known Cyrus since we were in college. We had a short fling back then
but it broke off when he went into preteen model pussies the Army. I will tell you more about
him later at dinner. Calvin works for him you say and preteens angel
has seen me with
Cyrus. I may know this boy but I am not sure.""The boy seems to have nudisme preteen gallery a lot of respect for this Coleman or at least he
does not disobey him. This was his day off and he was sort of roped in too
delivering the package to our rooms. I got the impression he didn't have
much choice from the way he spoke of him.""If I know Cyrus, you are right if he preteen illegal galleries wants to work there. We will talk
more about him later but I do not class him as a close friend and I doubt
he would have much preteenz girlz to say about me.""Okay, Uncle Bill, see you later then and thanks again for the robes.
Mark will thank you himself I'm sure."
Hanging the phone up, Lee was concerned by preteen girls mpegs the seeming mystery that
William left hanging and he did not seem that complimentary about this
Coleman person. On the spur of preteen nude brides
the moment, he decided to meet him
and express his thanks for preteens latin pantie
sending the package, that would be a good
excuse. Dressing quickly after a fast shave, Lee walks to the lobby.
Approaching the desk he sees a young girl and notices her name is Greta."Greta, I am Lee laika preteen Michaels in Suite #106. Is Mr. Coleman the manager
still in, I would like to see him if I preteen nudists portals
may.""Yes he is Mr. Michaels, is there something that I might help you with
before I call him?""No Greta, it is a amature preteen pics
personal matter. No problem, would you call him please
and ask him to meet me in the lounge at the bar?"Greta is a bit concerned since she had seen Mr. Coleman give a package
to Calvin for delivery to the Michaels suite. She knew that he did not like
sloppiness and was hoping preteen sex photos something hadn't preteens nudes **** happened that would get
Calvin fired as she lifted pre teen voilence the intercom receiver and buzzed Mr.
Coleman's office. Hearing his curt answer, she told him that Mr. Lee
Michaels would like to see boy preteen sex him and he would be waiting preteen assains nude in the lounge at
the bar. Greta waits for Mr. Coleman to acknowledge her message but
she hears.........."He what and where does he want me to meet him? Did you tell him I
was here, why didn't you ring me and send him into nude preteen masturbating
my office?"Greta was terrified and stammers "I'm sorry Mr. Coleman but he didn't
really give me a chance to do preteen model horny anything like that. ""I will talk with you about this later when your shift ends" and Greta
hears the receiver slammed down almost hurting her ear.Almost in tears, Greta watches as Coleman yanks his preteens models sexy
office door open
and glare at her as he walks into the lounge. She needed her job and
could not afford to lose it as others had that caused Mr. Coleman to be
angry.Inside the lounge, Lee was sitting at the bar enjoying a scotch 12yo lovely preteens and soda
when he spots a rather offish looking man enter. The bartender, a cute
young man leaned over and said........."That is sven place preteen Mr. Coleman sir. He looks like he is mad about something. I'll be
down at the end if you need me for another drink" and Lee watches him move
quickly away.With narrowed eyes, Lee watches as this Coleman fellow walks towards
him. He had preteen pic naturalist seen his type before, overbearing, offish, crude and usually
manage to hold on too their jobs at the expense of those that work under
them. Instantly he thought of the overbearing police office in the park,
same type. Too much authority and no intelligence.Bearing down on preteen fellatio Lee at the bar, Coleman stops and abruptly spanish xxx preteen without
introduction demands "did you send for me to come in here?"Lee slowly finishes sipping his drink and then replies "are you the
Manager sir?""I am" was the curt reply he received.Stirring his drink a little he looks him in the eye and replies "Then
sir, you would be Cyrus Coleman if you are the manager of this motel?"Lee's very smooth manner and the knowing of his given name takes a
little wind out of Coleman's sails. No one in the motel was allowed to give
out his name and he wondered how he knew it. Looking Lee up and down
very quickly he says "That is right I am the manager. Is there some russia preteen porn way I
may help you?" He still refused to address Lee by name although he
knew it.Lee very quietly says "Good Mr. sweet preteen cunny Cyrus Coleman. I am Lee Michaels in
Suite #106. Why don't we move to a table where we sandi preteen models will be a little 12yo. preteen pornos more
comfortable, what would you like?"Coleman was completely deflated by the grace and preteen camel *****
good manners he had
run up against as they moved to a table close by the bar. He was not
used to someone that did not preteens girls nudest
buckle before him when he was feeling his
authority and position had been questioned.This fellow was completely unruffled and it startled him. Sitting down
across from Lee, he orders a bourbon and coke from the bartender that
had appeared as they sat. preteen girls naket
He didn't notice the smirk he had on his face
as he had watched their encounter.Turning to Lee, the bartender asks, "may I freshen your drink Mr.
Michaels that one may be a little flat now."Lee notices the tone in the bartenders voice and says "why yes, Paul a
fresher drink would be nice, thank you."Coleman watches and listens as Lee non nuded preteen gives his order. He looks around
trying to avoid Lee's penetrating brown eyes. He had never met someone
quite like him before and he had lost the upper hand almost as soon as he
opened his mouth pics little preteen and heard the soft direct reply. He knew he could
not bully this man and his mind raced trying to find an out for himself.Paul brought their drinks and asked if there would be anything else and
Lee hears Coleman curtly dismiss him. He preteen toplist naked
recognized a preteen hardcore sex
real tyrant
when he saw one.Stirring his drink for a moment and letting Coleman stew, he looks up, "I
appreciate your coming Mr. Coleman, I apologize if it sounded like a
I asked Greta to ask you to meet me in the lounge. I thought it would
be a little more comfortable and I could thank you for having Calvin
deliver the package from Woolford Clothiers. Mr. Woolford is an little sexy preteen old
and dear friend of mine, we go back a long ways together.""Oh, that was my pleasure Mr. Michaels. You know Mr. Woolford then! He sent
the package over by his driver and asked that it be delivered as soon as
possible."Lee noted that vombat elweb preteen the bluster had left the tone of his voice when he replied
"Oh Charles delivered the package?"Lee could see Coleman's eyes darting around like a bird caught in a cage
and knew there was more here then met the eye."No, Charles didn't deliver it, another man I have not seen before. You
know Charles.""Yes, I do. Damn good driver. William is lucky to have him."Another bombshell Coleman thought. He uses Woolford's first name and
not many did preteen girls kissing and he knows Charles. Quickly finishing his drink and
declining another, he excuses himself.........."Thanks for the drink Mr. Michaels, I appreciate your comments on preteens videos sex our
service. Please let me know if I can be of any service at all.""My pleasure Mr. Coleman. I will be sure and tell William about it. My
nephew is swimming so I think I will have another drink before getting
ready for dinner with William this evening. Charles should be here by
7o'clock. By the way, your young preteen nudes lingerie lady at the front desk, Greta. She seems to
be a very efficient employee. Give her my thanks won't you? I might not see
her later."Twirling the swizzle stick around, he watches as the oafish ass walked
out of the bar trying to swagger as if he went. William was right as usual,
you can pedoland preteen
deflate any clod that tries to be more then they are. Just a little
kindness and an easy tone will do it every time. He hadn't noticed the
bartender move up on his shoulder until he heard.........."Mr. Michaels preteens forum pics
I have never seen anything done more masterfully then
the way you deflated his overblown ego. He is not the most popular
person here as you probably see. preteens art pics It will be hell to pay for a little
while after you leave.""Oh, I preteen cartoon breast don't know about that Paul. Could I have another drink please?""Mr. Michaels, if I am on duty your drinks are on me. What I just saw
and heard is worth it.""Thanks Paul but I don't want you getting into any trouble. Coleman
seems to be the kind that would look for an excuse and I am sure he
will be watching you videos preteen nude if he thinks you heard anything. real taboo preteens I know he saw you
watching and that will be enough.""That I do not worry about sir, good bartenders are always in demand
and I am good."Looking up Lee sees a smile in a very good looking face and says "Oh, I
bet you are Paul, I bet you are" and watches as he walks away glancing
back over his shoulder with a smile. Lee looks at his watch and wonders how
long the boys will little preteen creampie be swimming..........
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