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From: AG
Subject: Memories of Robbie--a true syory MEMORIES OF ROBBIE
True Story denmark model kids
That was his name, Robbie (from Robert). He was about
17-18 classy models sexy when
I pro teen model first saw him, and he me. On a beach christina model wikipedia
on Nantucket Is. Then
again in front
of the Post Office in the little town at the end of the
Island where I stayed, `Sconset. And where Robbie lived
To say we both "had an interest in each other" is an
It seems like it happened from the very first eyes-on-each-
other. Jumping
ahead a little: Robbie, very handsome, medium height,
"preppy-looking" brunette with a slender, supple build, is an
avid skier. He comes from a or he wouldn't
have had such a huge summer house on the Island, and in
`Sconset. Which is very Mercedes Benz. His nude india models father is a party
bigwig--I think Republican. (I can't lola models teen mention his last name
for obvious reasons but it's a prominent. PA family). Robbie
is very outgoing and popular.
He has this thing about men, or this was my
perception since I'm sure I wasn't the "only one." If he
ever lays an eyes on you, goth latina models they about penetrate you. When he
looks at you-i.e., when he's taken w/you-it's up and down
and then a long blonde model topless
stare out of his big brown eyes. (Damn, I
used to have a pic of him, he's really cute, but it has
since been lost, which is another story--about my personal
pix when I moved.)
Robbie loves "****," that gay expression, which I
personally don't particularly like but he would be the
first, I think, to admit this passion of his. super model teen
When I saw him
a second time on the public beach, once again it was the amateur models detroit up-
and-down, and looking at my crotch.
Well, I didn't skimp on eyes nude model 18teen on him, either. His
body is one of my very favorites: Lean, tight,
"ectomorphic," defined, very tanned, of course, since hairy women models he's
outdoors all the time, even in winter. With those "lean-and-
mean" looks, his abs are like rippled sand almost bony, his
pecs subtly modeled as with a sculptor's chisel, his nipples
brick-red and protruding slightly as though waiting to
protrude even more.
When I would come up from the surf after riding some
waves body-surfing or on an inflated raft, Robbie might be
standing perteen models top
nearby. Though this was rare because he generally
went where his famly or friends wanted to go on any given
day, and Nantucket has many beaches! We would say hello and
as usual look each other over.
As he emerged from the very cold surf off Nantucket,
he was covered with gooseflesh all over, his nipples looked
like reddish pencil erasers-so erected they looked model baby drowns like they
might pop right lsg model torrent off of his smooth, brown chest. When we
stood and talked briefly-`cause I was with other people,
too, inquisitive people who ask, "Who was that?" etc.-at the
rolling surf, the longer we talked the more obvious the
swelling was on the left side in our tight swim suits. modelle hamburg nuten He
wore loose yellow ones like "trunks" but girl model scout
he still "showed";
mine were a form of dark-green Speedos.
The more I saw of Robbie, maybe once a week, the more
attracted I was paris teen models to him and the more I wanted to christina model daily amanda danielle model
get together
w/him. Although I was usually up to my ears in guests.
That first summer an odd top model nudes thing happened. I had a
guest at the cottage and we were just returning from a
movie, putting the car, my VW Beetle, in the little garage.
But lo and behold! there was Robbie standing in the
driveway! And it was about 11 p.m. People turn in early on
the Island so it cgild model tgp
was startling to see anyone standing there!
My guest was gay (but not a partner) nude models ametuer and looked as startled
and puzzled as I did. It was obvious Robbie had been waiting
there for quite awhile. I told my guest, "Go on inside. I'll
see what he wants." I was trying to be very formal as though
I didn't even know this young guy.
When the guest disappeared into the cottage, Robbie,
dressed horny child models
in a white tank top, shorts, and sandals walked up
to me and-unbelievably-said in a shaky, lusty voice, kind of
whispering hoarsely: "Al, I want to suck your ****!"
I think I may have responded with something stupid,
like "WHAT??!!" I was so honestly taken aback-but also
pleased-I didn't know quite what to say. (I had a staci teen model
at the U. of Chicago who was blunt like casablanca model 552t that in making
propositions, whereas I'm not bold like that.)
So, I said as pleasantly as possible, "Jeez, Robbie.
Not now. `Nother
time, OK?? Sorry!"
I was kinda rushing `cause I thought my guest might
come back out to see what was going on; this encounter was
very unusual, to say the least. sexy ls models
sammi model nude
The cottage is quite
isolated so that anybody teenage models prepubescent would have to beeline to it to get
there from the more populated "Bluffs" near where Robbie's
house was.
Then I added, when he looked sort of sad: "I'm not brushing
you off, Rob.
By no means! I just can't right now. OK? Understand? See ya
later for sure!" I cute model tgp headed inside the house as Robbie still
stood there.
God, cutemodels I really felt bad, like he thought I had
snubbled him. But I topheavyamateurs models
had no choice. Because of this, I
thought 1911 government model I might never see him again or model gabe something.
Well, that was at the very end of the first summer photography gaysupermodel
my acquaintance with Robbie H. The next summer, arriving in
mid-June and with no guests, I spot Robbie and he me near
the P.O. I'm rushing and just collecting my mail and opening
up the cottage, etc., but we stop, christina model rar look at each other long
and knowingly. He, smiling. We're like across the roundabout
from each other.
A few days later I'm in the house showering late
afternoon after the beach. I hear a knock on my screen
door. A neighbor is in my livingroom waiting for me to come
out of the shower to share a drink. So, she goes to the
door. I hear voices. Then she opens the bathroom door and
says, "Someone named `Robbie' wants to see you."
I do a quick drying-off, wrap the towel around myself
as best I can (the neighbor, a friend, is not shocked by the
more-thanhalf-nakedness), and appear at the screen door,
since Robbie clockwork universe model
remained outside, politely. So through the
screen we talk fast.and low. We make hot plans for that
evening. Hmmm!
We are both to pedal our bikes to the Lighthouse,
about anna tiny model _ of a mi. away, stow them there imn underbrush and
then walk down the hill into the little patch of woods "for
a talk"--as he half-explains it.
"OK," I say feeling very horny in my towel as we
peer at each other through the mesh of the screen making the
vision, or images, all the sexier. "So, 9 p.m., right?" I
say. "C, ya."
So the time teen modeling chicago
goes by and it comes up 8:45 p.m. I hop
on my bike quite mata teen model
sure Robbie would show on time, or at least
trusting he would. It's not all that cool that night so I
wear no undies, shorts, and a tee. I shave for the
Well, I was right. Robbie was there at the
Lighthouse perched on his bike
Precisely at 9 looking so "sweet," the best word for it. A
sly smile washes over his face. Somehow he darkcollection models looked all
spruiced up although he had on russian angel models the usual sports shirt and
jeans, only ***** model
sneakers. Perhaps he had just showered. But it looked
the way we all look when we're ready "to go out." A certain
scrubbed, hair-in-place, cleaned-up special look--hard to
describe. But that was the way he looked.
We rolled our bikes a little down the hill and out
of sight, me looking at his thick ebony model v-shaped back and his brown,
golden-haired arms on the handlebars. While chatting and
kind of chuckling for some reason, we both walked slowly
into a combination of bushes and trees-well secluded, the
sweeping beam of the Lighthouse periodically flying over and
light-brushing the tops of the trees. Very sexy, the
Robbie had chosen a cool spot! There is something
about such a "roaming" beam that reminds one, or at least
me, of hands lightly going over and just barely touching
your body (as when masturbating, or at least when I do)
or when touching or caressing someone nonude model virgin else, lightly
We sat down in a small clearing, the reflected
light playing on teenie paradise models
our faces
Then suddenly-both together, simultaneously-we reached
toward each other and hugged and held each other real close
while sitting and leaning up against gay models hamburg
a big tree. Our chests
heaved in unison. It was such a terrific jigh--a first time
weith a sweet person, our hearts almost beating together..
While so embraced, our hands began to roam involuntarily
with that kind of initial, exploratory curiosity you
experience when embracing and feeling up someone for the
first time. I know the human bd child models anatomy very well (about my
interest in that beginning at age 14, later when I first
tried really "elaborate" masturbation).and in Robbie's
anatomy in particular. Then a long, tonguey kiss!!
I couldn't help but notice he had the same kind
of curiosity about my body. In other words, he didn't just
"plunge" down to my **** right off. Instead, like me he got
into amateur teenage models this prolonged "foreplay," I guess it's called. kidz teenmodel
once in a different situation called it "floor-play" by
mistake!! ยิ้ม ) where we were examining every ridge, every
concavity, legs, arms, delts, ears, back of the neck--
Then came fullyclothedsex model the reaching under our shirts--from
the top. The rubbing over of our chests and bellies amid a
lot of panting and ohhing and ahhing.
Then the quick search-easy to find!--for our
"private parts." Both of us erected like mad, hard as rocks.
Frankly, I thought I might just pop in my shorts if petite models measurements I wasn't
careful. nn models 100 I'm a quick-cummer most of the time. This means,
with control, you can prolong the sensation of being "on
It was then that Robbie completely took over. I
don't believe in that "top" and "bottom" or "active" and
"passive" thing-it depends, at least to me, on circumstances
and the other person who is strange modeling tgp involved, how I feel, how he
feels,and so on. In fact, I don't even believe in a
"hierarchy" of sex-that is, one thing, act, is "better" than
another, etc. Again, it depends on the person(s) and the
Let's face it: Robbie wanted to suck me off black models pics that
night. Period. OK. He proceeded to go down on me with
extreme intensity. With me, I admit, I prefer a two-man
thing.Yet no matter how hard I tried to gently steer him
into something more mutual-even 69-he persisted in
concentrating on my ****. nn kiddy modelpics Like he children pantyhose models
had had that on his mind
for a long time, or ever since our meetings at the beach.
And that yoyng model pictures was that. OK, fine.
As he sucked me so nice, I was busy feeling up
his chest and nipples and felt-and watched-his abs flexing
as he shifted around in sucking me off.
"Dynamic tension," you nude virtualsupermodels pics
might say. I massaged his ****. But
while his ***** was very hard, it seemed to me he wasn't shaved model ****** all
that interested in his own ****. (That kind of disappoints
me, but anyway.later.There were second and toplist teen model third episodes
with R. that were quite different.).
Finally, in a very short 13yo female models
time, like edm model
15 min or
so, I came. Real big. playboy model kendra He took my thick load into his throat
and swallowed my cum as if it was a delicious lump of ice
cream or something--actually smacking his lips as he did! He
couldn't come when I fondled him models kids erotic
and said, "Al, sorry, man.
I just jacked off before I left home!"
I guess, hot and horny guy models sex pretee that he is, he "got
ready"-maybe in the shower--before biking lolta nude models
over to the
Lighthouse. You can get kind of excited ahead of a session
and not resist photo models
beating off ahead nude chinese models of time sometimes. I know.
Robbie was in general extremely "sexed up" as a
guy, but I am no pantyhoses kids model one to talk, either!
After that night's episode, guests started
arriving and staying at my small cottage. But meanwhile,
Robbie, with his parents' OK, had rented a room by himself
just down the street from my place. I had fashion model voyeur moved into mine
from the cottage for that one summer. Robbie and nudes beach models I both knew
we had a lot softcore nudes models
more topless amateur models
"exploring" and enjoying-of-each-other to
do afterf that foirst night near the Lighthouse.
I had to think up some convincing way of getting
free from my hosting obligations, not to mention from a very
close friend with whom I had a sexual relationship, and who
was staying in the house almost all summer! Of course, he
had the curiosity of several cats!
So what to do?
Robbie and I came up with the oddest plan you ever
heard of. I would get up real early-before anyone was up in
either of our houses-on the pretext of going "bird-
watching," which I actually like to do. Robbie didn't have
to make up anything since he was female model portfolios scott free where he was
living. We planned on a certain upcoming, incredibly early
morning, that I would drive by his bedroom window, first
floor facing the little street. He would hear me-say 6:30
a.m. (!!)-
and climb out the window. teen models nonude He could not kiddy model forum
use the door as he
would have to
pass through or near some of the landlords' other rooms, and
the front door was noisy.
This time we planned something very nice and
comfortable. I would take a room at a motel in town and we
would have some relaxing fun privately that way.
So, I had booked the room the night before. That
morning I pull up alongside Robbie's house right on time.
Out he climbs, lifting up the screen, and then jumping down
onto the ground under the window. Then quickly into my VW.
We immediately grab each others' thighs as I shift and drive
off toward the motel.
Robbie reaches down to my calf as I clutch to shift, feeling
my laurie young model
leg muscle.
Just as we enter town 8 mi away, we see these police
squad cars racing around a corner! No sirens, looking eeeie
as hell and totally out of place in the very small town. We
follow them a ways. They are drug-busting a big old house
down a street! Junkie suspects pour out on the roofs! Men
and women
thinly drressed. Hippie-looking. Exciting! We watch all this
commotion for innocent model kiddy about 20 min. Then we drive off to our motel
room. I look in the mirror and see naked modelling agencies
people being handcuffed!
And there-in our own room, with its quaint old-
fashioned New England aromas, big wide old bed. Need I say!?
that the sex was hot, free, and wild! This time, Robbie,
with a pent-up small model trains load, had to hold back his urge to cum. I
don't remember what position we were in exactly when teen model magasine we came
except I know we could see each oitber's ****s exploding.
Man, it WAS hot! I mean it was romantic, too. We really
loved each other in that particular, new way.
We tolds each iotger how we had "thought of each othger"
over the ewinter. And so on, going into some detail.
The next summer, I was back at th ocean-side cottage.
Somehow Robbie knew I model battleship kit
had arrived and was alone. Maybe
because it was the first week of my arrival. I often
wondered how he knew I was there, I never thought to ask
him. But anyway he did. Maybe `cause it was mid-June, my
usual time to arrive. I think he himself used to arrive with
his modelo hombre escort family just after college let out.
Anyway, that morning I'm lying alone in bed real
early, REAL early, in the morning in the larger, main
bedroom in the cottage. The surf was dropping lazily as it
does in a lake or on the ocean early in the morning--outside
my window only about 100 feet to the east. A slightly
chilly, damp wind is wafting through the screened window,
the Sun starting to rise greenish-grey through ukraine porn models
a young models fotos thin,
morning fog.
All of a sudden at the ocean-side window right next to
my bed amanda byler model
I wake up startled as I hear this voice, sort of
soft but also very much wide-awake, exclaiming, "Heyyy,
Al!!! It's ME! young model ls ROBBIE!"
Me, with a morning hard-on, eyes just opening, I peer
at the screen. Robbie it is! His shirt off, in shorts,
looking wild love young model as hell, as though he had just sexy gothic models
lesbian pool model risen out of the
ocean like an ET or something!
"Wait, Babe. I'll let you in. On the ocean side."
He comes in with that just-got-up sort of puffy but
alert little preeteen model look on his face.
I think I literally carried him to my bed, I was so glad to
see him.
We resumed where we had left off the preceding bambam teen model summer.
Only this time--I warmed up some Vegetable Oil in a heavy
cup on the stove, to smear smoothly on nnudist models ourselves to get the
morning chill off of both of us. We covered each other in
warm, sultry oil. First christina model teen he takes the cup, then I. It made us
glisten as we looked pioneer valley model over and caressed our bodies, looking
at our own and each other's or both at the same time, our
slippery hands and lia model megaupload
fingers examoing all the rises and falls.
It was divine! What a way to start the day!!
You know? I can even run over and imagine all this in
my memory the several years later.when I'm alone boy model nudist .and horny.
I sometimes even warm up some Oil to recapture model sexy tara it all..
Memories are great things! ---------END------------

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