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Subject: Mick and Friends - 1Hi There, mex preteen This is another trip into the world of erotic fiction writing.
This series will depict scenes free pic preteen of consensual sex between underage boys as
well as possible adult child sex so the usual disclaimers and warnings
arise -- If you are not allowed to access such material where you are or
because of your age leave now. If underage gay activity is what turns you
on then I hope you will enjoy this series even if it takes preteen bbs modles a few chapters
to get into the best parts. Sorry if the first few pages are a bit boring,
but I believe the scene and preteen cgi board characters need to be set and built to
understand the rest of the story.If you enjoy the saga then please let me know by mailing me. Comments and
constructive criticisms are welcome. But I might not be able to answer all
of the mail -- wishful thinking ยิ้ม.Succum241msn.comCheers, Rick.MICK AND FRIENDS"You don't understand, do you?" I was shouting at my mother who had just
informed me we were moving again. What great news to come home to after the
best night at Brandon's house yet!"I know it may seem hard, Mick, but try to see that it is for the best for
both of us." Mom said."Best for you. ****ing worst for me." I retorted. I had never used the `F'
word in front of my mother naked preteen websites
before let alone to her! But; hey! I was upset!"Watch your language young man." Mom responded. "No matter how upset you
may be, you may not speak to me like that. And you will understand later on
how this really is what we need at this point in time.""No! It's not what WE need. It's what you want. You don't like this guy
anymore and so you want to go somewhere else to find another man you'll
want me to call `dad' but who will give you pleasure in bed while I have to
sit by and hear it all. And what will this new one be like? How will he
treat me? As ****ing **** as the rest of them dads I've had." I was
practically screaming hysterically by this time."Right! That's enough. You will go to your room and not come out till I say
so and while you're in there, you better think about what you have said and
how much of it you mean because you are not coming out till you are able to
apologize and really show that you mean it. You understand that?" Mom was
livid with rage. "Oh and while you are on your way you better have a pee
because you are not even coming out for that till I say so.""Hooray ****ing yay." I turned around and marched to my room. I knew I had
overstepped the mark this time but was not yet ready to admit that to mom."And that's just earned you a bit of extra time in solitary. Don't forget
the rule either. TV and mobile on the floor outside the door within five
minutes." Mom added.I had really blown it this time. Solitary meant that I had nothing to do
but read **** or sleep. Without the phone I couldn't talk to anyone and
without the TV I not only couldn't watch preteen school **** a program, but I couldn't use my
x-box either. It also meant that I would have at least two hours before she
let me out, and there was no chance of escaping either for she was
following close behind me in order to lock the door so that I could not get
out against her wishes. I had done that once before and thought it was
worth it to try again; but no chance this time.I unplugged the TV and put it outside the door and then left my mobile
phone on top of it and stomped back into the room slamming the door behind
me. I heard mom turn the key in the lock and knew that I would have some
time to think about what I had said to her. I flopped down onto my bed and
buried my head in my pillow. I knew I shouldn't have said those things to
her, but hey, I am also a person with feelings and she hadn't taken those
into account had she? After all look at that string of fathers I had
already had in my 12 years. Well 8 actually as I can't recall any `fathers'
before I was four. I just can't call them `dad' either. That man when I was
4 wouldn't even talk to me. He always referred to me in the third person,
and would address little preteen latinas everything concerning me to my mother. Like `get that
whiner out of here, women.' Or `What has the little brat been naughty with
today.' Mom would say that I had a name and would he please use it, but I
can't remember him ever using my name or saying anything nice about me. I
don't think he spoke directly to me in the six month's he was with us,
before mom kicked him out.We had about a year and half before the next one, although I am sure mom
was seeing someone else in between, but he never came home with her. Man
no. 2 was a prize one. Everything was a joke to him. And I think I got the
brunt of most of preteenz model them. It was `mighty funny' to trip me up when I walked
past. It was also hilarious to see me whimper as my nipple, tiny though it
was, got preteen lola free twisted. And to asian preteen girl get me drunk by forcing me to drink his brandy was
the epitome of the party piece; especially preteen moels if I threw up and he could roll
me around in it. Again mom tried talking to him but it was no good and so
after about nine months she booted him out also.When I was seven, we `moved' for the first time. We moved across town into
the home of no. 3. It was convenient for he worked shifts and so was home
to `look' after me when mom was at work and I wasn't in school. Of course I
had to change schools and leave all my friends behind. No. 3 had the same
name as me and thought it was good to talk of the two Micks being the best
of friends. At least he was kind to me. He would let me sit next to him
and put his arm around me and give me gentle hugs every so often. Then when
it was just the two of us at home together he would let me sit in his lap
while he scratched my back. We had been there about blog preteens model
three weeks when he
suggested on one of these occasions that it would be easier if I had my
shirt off. Then I was to lie down over his legs and he tickled me from my
neck to my knees. I quite liked this so didn't complain or think anything
bad about it. To get to this stage had taken about another week and he
asked me during the process if I found it better when he tickled where
there was no clothing in the way, or where he did it through my clothes. Of
course sexy pic preteen I innocently said the direct to skin contact was better. At this he
said I should let him take off my shorts and undies so that he could do the
best all over. When I balked at this a bit, he said he would take off his
clothes too to show me that it did not matter. And to prove his side of the
bargain he got up and striped off there and then. I remember that he had an
erection, but I really did not understand what that meant. Sitting back
down next to me on the sofa, he picked me up topless bottomless preteen
from where I was sitting, and
placed me to stand on the floor in front of him. Then he leant forward and
slowly pulled my shorts and undies down together, helping me to balance as
he lifted each leg out so that I was as completely naked as he was. Of
course it finally led to where he was sucking my **** to a dry ****** and I
was sucking his to get a mouthful of cream. Now I was too ashamed and
scared to say anything to mom about it and so this continued for about two
years. That is until mom came home from work early one day, a little
unwell, and caught us in the act. We moved out there and then into what mom
referred to as a bee and bee, but which I learnt was a bed and breakfast
hostelry. I lost most of my toys and half my clothes and a few weeks later
we moved across town again.We websites young preteen had only been in this one roomed flat for about three months when we
moved in with number 4. He taught me to go around without underwear because
his favourite trick was to give me wedgies when there was no one else to
see. On one occasion he pulled my underpants so hard up my crack that the
material actually cut into the flesh and I had a sore there for days. When
mom was out he used to find it very funny to hang me by my underpants highheeled preteen girls
the high door knob of our lounge door. My toes would scrape on the ground,
but not enough to get a purchase to lift myself off, and my arms were not
strong enough to lift my body. One day he left me there for a couple of
hours while he went out to get some beer. He only just got back in time to
get me off about five minutes before mom got home, but because she could
see I had been crying and all, she wanted to know what was wrong. He told
her some story about my being naughty and I told her the truth but she
wouldn't believe me, so I stopped wearing underpants when he was around and
found that I liked it and so stopped wearing them altogether. I took some
ragging at school until the others found out how nice it was to free-ball
it. He was kind of shocked to find out that I didn't have any on when he
first tried it again, and ordered me to go and put them shock preteens pics on but I refused
and went and shut myself in my room. He kind of gave up after that and
would merely jerk my shorts or trousers up so that my knob and balls could
be seen outlined by the tightness of the fabric, which he would rub
occasionally, but it was not as enjoyable for preteen n models him as the wedgies and so he
stopped doing things altogether. This made life with him fairly bearable,
but I guess he started to do things to mom because she started to show
bruises on her arms and legs nudepreteen boy pix which hadn't happened before. So one day she
came home from work, packed a suitcase for me and another for her, and we
got in the car and left. This time we moved to a different town.Mom had arranged a transfer in her job and so we found ourselves in a
little flat in Brentwood in Essex. The people in Essex spoke differently
from those of us up in Birmingham, and I found it hard to mix in with the
other kids. They mocked me for free-balling it and they took the mick out
of my accent, and treated me like I was a lower class citizen. As a result
I spent a lot of time on my own and was pretty pissed off with mom for what
she had done to me. In an effort to make me happier my preteens dreams lands mom bought me a
skate board. I spent hours practicing on my own in the courtyard of the
flats where we were living, until the other residents complained that they
were tired of the noise. In an effort to overcome this, mom got me nn preteen pleasure a set of
in-line skates which she thought would be quieter and wet preteen porn
so I began trying out
with these and found the conversion from skateboard to skates quite
easy. But they were no quieter really and so I had to go out top preteen kdz
on the streets
to practice. That was when I met Brandon.Although I was only ten and half when I met Brandon, I had already started
developing physically and had gotten into the occasional ****. Brandon was
also a bit of a loner and was already thirteen. He would have his
fourteenth birthday before I turned eleven but this did german preteens video not seem to bother
him. I think like me he was just hungry for some companionship, and he was
also into skating. It did not take long for us to team up together and soon
we were seeing each other just about every other day. Both of us were about
as good as the other with skating, and we taught the other the tricks we
had learned ourselves. Although we were both self taught, and had not had
the opportunity to use the skate parks which various councils were erecting
in areas where kids tended to congregate, we were pretty good. Despite the
age difference, our friendship developed to where we would spend a night or
two together almost every weekend, and my mom got friendly with Brandon's
folks. I think all the parents were relieved we had found a friend and were
happier in life.One other development of our friendship is that number 5 did not move in,
neither did we move in with him. Mom would spend the night with him
whenever I stayed over at Brandon's and occasionally he would child preteen bikini
spend the
night at our house. He actually seemed the best of the lot so far, and did
not really do anything to hurt me. He called me by my name until the time
he walked in on me having a ****, and from then on called me "Spanky". I
don't think he miss preteen gallery
ever told mum what he had seen because she never made the
connection to "spank the monkey"; or else she hadn't realised I was
developing as early as I was.But before we had progressed in our friendship to spending nights at each
other's house we had been out with our skateboards practising along the
pavement near our houses, After an hour or so in the hot sun, we sat down
on the curb to have a bit of a rest. Brandon stood nn preteens nymphets up after a while and
moved to stand in front of me so we could see each other as we talked. I
noticed that Brandon's gaze seemed to drift from my face down towards the
road surface, but I didn't think too much of it. As I looked up at him I
saw him adjust his shorts a bit, but again did not read much into this."Do you always free-ball?" he preteen model michelle
suddenly asked, as if out of the blue."Ever since one preteen thong angles
of my mom's men friends started giving me wedgies all the
time." I answered. It was weird; we had not got to know each other that
well yet, but this conversation which should've been awkward at the very
least, seemed perfectly natural."But he aint around anymore, so how come you still go loose?" Brandon
asked."Because I like to freedom and the risk." I replied."What do you mean, risk?""Well if I get a hard-on, I can't hide it too easy, and I get a kind of
thrill out of it.""You mean like now. I can see you standing straight up.""Yeah! Kind of. preteen ***** size
Although with you it don't seem quite the same. I guess
because we already talked about it. angels nude preteen
But at school it's a bit different.
Especially if there is someone around I like.""You mean a cute girl or something?" Brandon asked."Well, sort of." I hedged my answer. I wasn't quite ready to tell him the
truth, but also didn't want to lie to Brandon. I stood up and my ****
pushed my shorts out like a tepee, but I didn't try to do anything about it
as I kind of liked putting on the show for Brandon. I decided to move the
object of the conversation and so asked Brandon if he had a girlfriend."Naw. Don't preteen links russian
dig girls much." He answered. Then, "Come on. Let's skate some
more." And he took off on his board, with me in hot pursuit after him, and
not really taking in what he had just said, or giving it any meaning.I soon forgot about the conversation ****ing preteen movies we had had, but it was not long after
that time on the kerb, that he asked me if I wanted to stay over at his
house one night."Yeah. Sounds cool to me.""You'd have to sleep in my preteen gay gallery room, and unless you sleep on the floor, you'd
have to share my bed. But it's a naked preteen gymnastics
double." He explained."Ok by me. When?" I asked."Well that's great." He said with a huge grin on his face. I don't think he
actually thought I would accept the invitation. "I'll ask my mom tonight
and see if we can make it Friday or Saturday this week.""Ok and I will speak to my mom as well." I had no idea preteen hot blondes
how she would react
because I had never stayed over at a friend's house before."Hey. I've tried free-balling it and preteen girls japan it's quite nice." Brandon continued."I told you. You do it all the time?""Naw. I aint got the guts to do it to school. If I was found out my life
would be hell." Brandon and I went to different schools and it seemed that
the guys at his school were a lot crueller than the guys at my school.As a natural reaction, when he had told me he had tried free-balling, I
glanced at his crotch, but had not noticed anything. But as the
conversation progressed, I could see his shorts tent out and the definition
left me in no doubt that he was free-balling right then, but I thought he
wanted me to ask him and so I did."Yeah. It's cool because I know that it don't matter if you see me get a
hard-on." And hard-on he did have. I guessed his **** must have been at
least five inches when erect. With the subject matter, my **** joined his,
but as it was smaller, it didn't create as noticeable a tent as his did."I also think that it is cool we can be so free with each other. I don't
have any other friend I can talk with like this.""Me neither. Everybody else thinks it's either wrong or funny to talk about
these things like this." Brandon finished, and then put his hand down his
shorts to rearrange his **** into a more comfortable position. He didn't
care that I was watching either, and it gave me the courage to do the same.When mom got home that evening I talked to her about going to stay over at
Brandon's house and she said that so long as she had been able to talk to
Brandon's parents and they agreed she was happy for me to. We hadn't
finished the preteen girl porno conversation when the phone rang. Mom answered it and got a
frown of concentration on her face which turned into a smile."Saturday? It should be fine... About 3 o'clock? Yes it will be nice...
See you then, and thank you." She hung up the call and turned to me. beautifrul preteen s "Well
young man, you had better pack an overnight bag on Saturday morning while I
am at work. We have been invited to preteen nude binaries the Shelley's house for tea and then
you get to stay over with Brandon."I beamed, "Thanks mom. This is great!"Saturday came too slowly, but eventually 3 o'clock found us ringing the
Shelley's doorbell. Brandon opened the door and welcomed us in, showing us
into the living and inviting us to make ourselves at home. "And that really
goes for you Mick. Come, I'll show you to my room, and we can leave your
bag in there.""Thank you, Brandon." Mom said as she sat down. She had met Brandon because
he had visited at our house once before, but I had never made it to his
house until this day."Ok, lead on my good fellow." I said rather pompously, but in preteen nudists ass
jest, mocking
Brandon for the good manners he had shown.As soon as we reached his room, he closed the door and in a soft whisper
said, "You're a ****ing idiot, you know." But with a grin so that I would
know that he was now taking the piss out preteen anal masturbation of me, and was not angry or upset.We both giggled a bit preteen strip models and he showed me around his room a bit and then led
me back into preteen 16 yr
the corridor and showed me where the bath and toilet
were. They were preteen cute vlad lucky for theirs were in separate rooms, whereas ours were
in the same room. After the tour we went back to the lounge where mom was
already in conversation with Brandon's mother and his dad was already
looking bored -- to be expected. We sat there for a few minutes, until a
lull in the conversation gave Brandon the opportunity to introduce me to
his parents. Once the `pleased to meet you' were out of the way, we went
outside to play in their back garden. Our play led to a little rough
housing, and as I pinned Brandon by sitting on his chest with my back to
his head, he lifted his legs up to try and get them around me and use top preteens angels
to pull me off him. I was given the perfect opportunity to look down the
leg of Brandon's shorts and saw that he was not wearing any underpants
again. This gave me my first real view of what he had between the legs and
I was impressed.OK. He was older than me, but even for his age it was impressive. His balls
filled a large bag which hung right down preteen model panties disappearing into the folds of see thru preteens his
shorts, but I reckoned they could reach around to his arse hole. And his
**** was long and thick. I would learn later that it was already 4 1/2
inches long and thicker than a pork sausage, but he had very little
hair. More than me, but certainly much less than would be expected for the
size of his development. Never the less, I got a good view and this gave me
an almost instant hard-on.Suddenly I knew that I wanted to touch it. To feel it and stroke it. ****!
I wanted to jack him off and even suck it young preteen unerage like art preteen topless I had been forced to do teen models preteen to
number 3; but now I WANTED it. The trouble was that I was too scared to
suggest it. I didn't want to destroy the only real friendship I had. I
decided then that Brandon would have to make the first definite move, but
that I would try some sort of surreptitious ways of letting him know
without actually admitting it, that danish naturist preteen I was up for a bit of boy love. I let
him then get his legs around me and pull me down, using this as an
opportunity to accidentally `on purpose' brush my hand against his
****. Only things went a bit wrong, and totally accidentally, my hand wend
down inside the leg of his shorts and came to rest skin on skin on his
****. I blushed and apologised, "I'm really sorry, Brandon, I hottest preteens pictures
didn't mean
to do preteen bs that. I hope I didn't hurt you." And in an attempt to soften the blow
a bit, I continued, "But I see, you're free-balling it again.""It's ok." Brandon replied, "You didn't hurt me and actually I kind of
liked it." His shorts were once again tented as his body showed how much
he `kind of liked it'. Needless to say, my **** joined his in setting up a
campsite; and when we realised it we both broke into giggles.We played around in the garden until we were called back inside to say
goodbye to my mom. When she had left we went into the lounge to watch some
tele and Brandon's dad changed to the extreme sports channel to let us
watch some American Skateboarding. We were enthralled and discussed how we
thought they did certain manoeuvres and what could happen boy preteen links
if it was gotten
wrong. Just before tea was ready, his mom told us we had better get off and
have our baths, and told Brandon to show me where things were and then to
be the proper guest and let me go first to make sure there was enough hot
water. preteen girl fights I had hoped we might shower together, but his mom had put paid to
that. Brandon explained that the usual was for him to have his bath and
then get dressed in his sleeping shorts and `T' shirt and then wear a gown
for the rest of preteens japan nonude the evening."What do you normally sleep in?" he asked me."Well...Actually, nothing." I answered rather sheepishly, a little
embarrassed to admit it."Wow! Really?" Brandon exclaimed, "Don't your mom mind?""Nah. She never comes in my room, so I guess she doesn't really know.""Well. You'd better wear something tonight because my mom likes to pull the
covers off to wake me up.""Ok. I brought some shorts anyway, because I wasn't sure how things would
be.""Do you have a gown?" Brandon asked."No. I never use one." I answered."You go and get on with your preteens blue link
bath, and I will see if mom has kept one of my
old ones." Brandon offered.I grabbed my shorts sex preteen american and went off to the bathroom armed with swimsuits for preteen the towel which
Brandon had got out for me to use.I was just about finished in the bath when Brandon barged in with a
dressing gown for me. It was too small for him now, but would still be a
little on the large side for me, but would work. Brandon used the
opportunity to have a good look at my naked body, before adjusting his
shorts and leaving the room without saying anything more. I finished up in
the bath and made sure that I left it clean before going back down japanese preteen pix
to join the Shelley family. Brandon then went off for his bath with a
strong admonition from his mother not to dawdle as dinner was almost
ready. Brandon's dad asked me if I preteens nacked liked skating and when I said yes, he
turned back to the extreme channel to let me watch a bit more, but there
was preteens artistic photo gravity games on instead, and though I enjoyed watching the guys to
jumps and leaps on their bikes, it was not as good as watching the
skating. As soon as Brandon came down from the bath, we went through to the
dining room to eat. After dinner we went up to Brandon's room to play with
the PS2 he preteen lollipops had, and got engrossed in trying to outdo each other in all of
the different games we tried; until we were preteen 16 years interrupted by Brandon's mom
coming in and telling us it was time to go to sleep."Do you want to share my bed, or sleep on the floor?" Brandon asked."I guess I'll share, please." I replied, trying not to sound too eager in
doing so."Ok, then." Brandon took off his gown, dropped it on the floor and climbed
under the covers, while I followed suit.I wasn't sure what to expect, but hoped we might do a little exploring of
each other, however, I was not going to make the first move, especially
after what had happened that afternoon. As it turned out, nothing
happened. We were both really tired, and after a little bit of chatter, we
both dropped off to sleep still lying flat on our backs with a gap between
us; Brandon in his shorts and shirt and me just in a pair of shorts. Of
course we both woke up the next morning with the usual morning glory, but
we just ignored them and got dressed.Our parents would only let us sleep over every six weeks or so and for the
first six or seven months, nothing more than an occasional `accidental
brush' happened. preteen female nudity Then one night we were lying there in the bed on our backs
and apart as usual. I was really horny and could not hold out. I thought
Brandon was asleep and so I slipped my shorts off and started to jack off
very gently. I wanted to cum, but did not want to risk waking Brandon up as
I thought he would take the piss out of me or worse be totally grossed out
and stop being my friend. I had been ****ing away slowly sandra nn preteen for about ten
minutes when frightenly Brandon asked, "Mick, are you spanking the monkey?"I thought there was no way that I could hide it and so replied, "Sorry, I'm
just so horny, I couldn't last. Do you mind? I thought you were asleep.""Hey, no hidden preteen galleries I'm cool with it. In fact I think I will join you." He promptly
took his shorts off and began to stroke.When I came, I used my fingers to scrape up as much as I could and licked
the cum off. I have always liked the taste and have slurped up as much of
my spurts as I could. I was so used to doing this that I did it without
really thinking and not realising that it might mean something else to
Brandon. Fortunately he didn't realise what I had done and when he had
come, he wiped his up with a tissue and then passed me another to clean
myself. There was not much there to clean up, but I made a good job of it
and must have disguised the fact that I had eaten most of it, because
Brandon had not noticed anything unusual in the dark.After this, we would jerk off side by russia preteen nude side most times we shared a bed, but
Brandon never made any move beyond this.Then the last time fresh preteen licking we had been together; I had turned over in my sleep and
put my arm over Brandon's chest. He had woken up to find me almost holding
him down, and had lain there, not wanting to disturb me, but also unable to
get back abercrombie preteen pics to sleep until he had thought it was time for us to be getting up
and so woke me then. But this had given me an idea. One which I put into
action the next time I slept over at his house. We did our usual playing
and rough housing around, and went off for our separate baths. We ate our
tea and finally went off to bed. As usual he was in a baggy pair of
short-legged sleeping shorts and a vest and I was wearing my normal pair of
shorts. We jacked off side by side, but not touching, and cleaned
up. Brandon then seemed to drop off to sleep almost immediately. This was
normal for him since we had started preteens 3d sex the joint jerking sessions. I now put
my plan into action. Forcing myself to stay awake, I just lay there and
counted slowly to 2000. By this I reckoned I would have waited for half an
hour after Brandon had dropped off. I then turned on my side and let my arm
fall fairly gently over Brandon's stomach. Again I began counting; this
time to only 300. I reckoned this would be near to five minutes and if
Brandon was being disturbed by it preteens free passwords
he would have made some sort of
indication. Instead he lay there just as still as can be, breathing evenly.After that second count, I moved allowing my hand to slide down, over his
**** and onto the skin of his leg. Another five minutes of counting without
Brandon making any objections, and pedo preteens
I moved again. This time my hand slid up
his leg and under his shorts coming to rest, very nicely placed over his
****. This time, Brandon did move, and I very nearly ripped my hand away. I
don't really know what made me be brave enough not to. And all that Brandon
had done was to shift his position slightly; I guess because he had been
lying still for so long. I'm not sure how long I just lay there with my
hand over his limp ****, but it was a while before I remembered to count
off another five minutes. After this next count, I got a little bolder and
gently wrapped my fingers around his ****. I stayed like that for a while
and then let my one finger begin to rub the underside of the end of his
**** where by feel, I thought I was at the most sensitive part. I guess I
was right, because he started to get hard. Thankfully his tiny preteen upskirt
baggy shorts
allowed me enough room to move so that I could help his **** get around and
lie up his belly. Once he was fully hard, I got a little more adventurous
and grey area preteens
began feeling his balls as well as taking gently strokes along the full
length of his hard knob.Suddenly he made a major move and spread his legs apart as well as
sighing. This was too much for me and chickening out I whipped my hand away
from his ****."No. Don't stop." Brandon said, "That's nice.""I ... I'm sorry," I stammered. "I don't know what's come over me.""Hey, It's cool ... I've wanted this for so long but have been too scared
to say anything.""You've been too scared. I've been the scared one. That's why I had to do
it to you when you were asleep.""Actually, I haven't been to sleep yet. I've pretended to be asleep so many
nights hoping you might take a chance, and at last you have.""You mean we could have been trying this out long ago?""Yeah. I've wanted to do it ever since I first saw you free-balling it. But
I didn't want to risk losing my best friend.""I also was scared I would loose you if I made a move." I told him."Well come on then. Put your hand preteen bbs 2007 back there and go for it. ... Please!"I slowly moved my hand back and began to stroke porn preteens girls his ***** which was still
hard. Then I felt his hand working down my front to feel my **** which was
so hard it was almost bursting. He unclothed preteens had been rubbing me through my shorts
for a while when I knew I had to have him skin to skin."Here, let me take my shorts off. And you take yours off too please." I
said."Ok."We stopped what we were doing to remove our clothes. Brandon also took his
vest off and we were both totally naked. I then snuggled up close to him
and we began giving each other a hand job. When he came, I wanted to lick
his cum up , but thought he might be grossed out and so I just made sure I
got a fair dollop magic preteen board
on my hand as I slid it up off his **** and then nudist preteen pictures in the
darkness I put my hand to nasty young preteens my mouth and licked his cum off for the first
time. preteen eating cum I was a little surprised that though sex party preteen
it was similar in taste, it did
not have quite the same taste as mine own. As I tasted his cum, I felt
myself getting ready to explode for the second time that night and by some
instinct, I reached over and grabbed hold of Brandon's **** again, so that
I was holding it when I shot forth. I am sure that this made my ****** much
stronger, even though I don't quite know how.We cleaned ourselves up and throwing caution to the wind went off to sleep
totally naked. Although Brandon's mom had never pulled the covers off of us
once while I was sleeping over. Perhaps she little preteen love was just being kind to me. When
I woke in the morning it was to find Brandon spooned up against me with his
morning boner pressing between my legs. I liked this, and putting my hand
down to mine found that I too had a morning boner. I moved a bit so that I
could put my hand over my back and rest it on Brandon's hip."Morning Mick." Brandon was awake and still pushing his boner between my
legs."Hey Brandon. Sleep alright?" I asked, knowing he would answer in the
affirmative.I rolled over so that I was facing him and put my hand down onto his ****,
beginning to gently rub it."We've got time before mom comes in. You want to do it again?" he asked."But of course." I said with a hint of sarcasm in my voice."Right. But like this." Brandon threw back the covers so that we were open
to each other, and for the first time able to see each other totally
naked. He then sat up and asked me to do the same and we sat facing each
other with our legs spread and crossed over each others. This way we were
face to face and able to reach each others ****s.Leaning forward we took hold of the others **** and began stroking. I made
sure that I matched Brandon's speed, and used his style on my **** to guide
me in ministering to his needs. This being only our second go on each
other, we were not too well trained in the art and preteen naturist boy so fumbled a few
things. But we were successful and brought each other to ******; spewing
our cum out onto our partner and the bit of bed in between. Again I wanted
to taste a mixture of both our offerings, but was too shy to do it in front
of Brandon. We had got ourselves and the bed cleaned up just in time to get
dressed before Brandon's mom knocked on the door as she entered, to tell me
to get ready as she was leaving soon and would be dropping me off at home
on her way to wherever.It was when I got home from this visit that mom dropped the bombshell that
we would be moving again and I had lost it. I knew that I had said some
things I should not have even thought let alone put into words, and that I
had really hurt mom. Even thinking over all those men and finally russian preteen underwear what had
happened at Brandon's was not enough to take the guilt away. It is amazing
how much can go through your head when you're left wit the time to think;
and I was given plenty of time to think. I had reckoned on two hours, which
would bring it round to about lunch time -- a late lunch, because we
normally ate launch at noon on a Sunday. Well I didn't get lunch that
Sunday at all. Mom must have been even more upset than I thought.At about two, I returned to thinking about the night before and the morning
after at Brandon's. Remembering the two ****s we gave each other brought on
a stiffie and so I stripped off and gave myself a slow leisurely **** over
about half an hour, watching myself in the mirror of my dresser as I did
so. At one point I turned so that I could lift my legs and bum up and see
my arse hole. My fingers ventured down there and I began to rub it which
brought back memories of things that had happened with man number 3. He had
only rubbed and tickled my anus, but I now think he was uncensored preteens pics actually beginning
the slow grooming of getting me ready for anal penetration. The upshot was
that I small preteen naturists remembered that though I was not happy with the things he forced me
to do and suffer; I had still found physical pleasure in some of them. Now
I was giving myself that pleasure and did not find myself disliking the
idea of it as I had done with him. It was that dislike which had caused me
not to explore and experiment with my body very much. I had kept a bottle
of baby oil in my room for a while now as I had discovered how much more
pleasurable my ****s were when I used it and so I had covered my **** with
oil again this time. This gave me the idea and I used some more on fingers
to smear it over my arse and found this was very nice. Then it progressed
and although I had heard about anal sex; I did not really think about this
time but did push my finger up the hole. When I touched a lump in there, my
**** jerked so and the pleasure was so fantastic, I pushed my finger in as
far as I could and moved it around exploring. Of course this brought on my
****** and made it such a powerful one that I almost couldn't believe it
myself. I decided that I was going to show this to Brandon, and then
remembered that I might not get the chance because I might not have another
sleep-over with him before we move.That realisation reminded me that I was in solitary and had been for a long
time. Added to that my bladder was telling me that I needed to get some
time out. It also preteen nynphets sex brought back into focus the guilt I was feeling for the
things I had said to mom. At least one thing was sure, I was going to be
able to say I was sorry and really mean it because that is how I banned preteen art felt. I
was still upset and saddened by the news, but I was even more upset at
myself for the way I had spoken to mom. I looked at my watch and saw that
it was nearly three, nozomi preteen so I cleaned myself up using tissues and a dirty towel
I had not put in the wash basket, got dressed and then called out to
mom. "Mom! I'm really sorry, will you please let me come and apologise?""I will let you out preteen 13 photos for that, but if I feel you don't mean it, you will be
straight back in there and you will get no tea tonight. Do you understand?"
mom replied."Yes mom, I understand and know that I deserve it." I preteen nudist nature
answered.Mom unlocked the door and said that I had better go to the toilet first,
and then could come and see her in the lounge.As I ran to the loo; I was bursting, I called back another apology. When I
had relieved the pressure within lolliats preteen I walked quietly through to the lounge and
entered with my head held low. Going up to mom I began, "Mom, I'm really
sorry for what I said. I know that some of those things would have hurt and
aren't true. I don't know why I said them. Please will you forgive me?"Mom had tears running down her cheeks because she could see that I truly
was contrite and hurting over the hurt I had caused her. "Yes, Mick, I have
already forgiven you, and I know that you are upset. Now will you let me
explain why this is necessary, and try to preteen and bang understand why?""Ok; I will try." What more could I say?"Thank you. Please let me talk first, without interruption, and then when I
have finished ask your questions or say what you think. I just nodded.Mom went on then to explain that the place where she was working was
closing down in Brentwood, and she could either loose her job and have to
go looking for another, or she could accept the company's offer of a
promotion and a move to their daisy preteen model headquarters based in Witham. "And Witham is
not that far from here, I promise you I will try and let you visit Brandon
sometimes. I know it won't be the same, but you can still have sleep-overs
occasionally." Mom also went on to say that she was going to find it hard
to leave Bob (man no. 5), but that maybe they could visit together while I
was visiting with Brandon.Of course when mom had finished, I was really feeling like a heap of
****. I was crying now and told mom that I was even sorrier because I had
jumped in judgement and got it all wrong. I did thank her that she would
still help me to see Brandon and pointed out that he was really the first
real friend I had had."I know, and that is why I want to do everything I can to help you keep
that friendship.""Thanks mom. I know that I don't deserve it after what I said, and I would
like to make it up to you if I can, but I don't know what I can do.""You have already done it by showing me you're truly sorry." Moms are
great.Well that is it for the first part. preteen archive bbs I'm sorry it was such a long piece. I
will try and keep the rest of the sections preteen boys board3 shorter.Your comments would be appreciated. Write to preteen pageant pics me at succum241msn.comCheersRick.
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