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Subject: Mike's MassageDISCLAIMER: The following story is pure fiction. It does not resemble any
person living or dead, and does not reflect any actual events, except those
that are wild in preteen picture boards my imagination. The story contains a sexual encounter
between a boy and a man, who do not use any sexual protection. If it asian schoolgirls preteen is
illegal to view stories of this nature where you reside, please do not
continue to read this material. If you are under the legal age in your
state, province or country to read about sexual encounters, I also strongly
suggest that you do not read any further. preteen xxx mpeg Continue at your own risk. As
with all sexual encounters, the author full endorses the use of condoms at
all times. Those who refuse to take the basic precautions to protect
themselves are their own worst enemies.Please provide me with your feedback on the story. Let me know what you
think about it and the characters. Your comments will help me prepare for
future Nifty postings. I will respond to your comments, if they are
rational. ( for reading my stuff.
PeteMike's MassageIt was just past 11:00 AM, and all of the campers from the final week of
the 8 week summer Boy Scout Summer Camp in Matmor, PA was over. The junior
Camp Staff members were at the Administration Building, and would be gone
shortly. They were due back tomorrow, Sunday, at 3:00 PM for the start of
Staff Week, a 5 or 6 day period to take down board message preteen camp, and store all of the
equipment until next spring.By all accounts, it preteen gallery websites
was one of the best seasons korean preteen portal at Camp Hovey, the 700 acre
facility for the Berger Council of the Boy Scouts, and I was feeling pretty
good about all that we had accomplished over this past season. The 45
members of the Staff had really worked their butts off, and the 20 CIT's
(Counselors in Training) had proved themselves, and I would not have any
problem with hiring any of them for the next laura preteen model
summer camp.Today was going to be a very special day. We had invited the members of the
local Volunteer Fire Department, and their families for a Barbeque and
Picnic. This was planned as a "Thank You" for all the help they had
provided for our camp over the past months. They not only assisted by
training many Staff Members in Emergency Response Services, but also
provided various pieces of apparatus that was "on site" during our National
Inspection.Having Emergency Response Equipment in camp for the inspection really
impressed the Inspection Team and helped us achieve a near perfect score
for the current year.Convincing the Camping Committee to allow us to host this event was really
difficult. We would be breaking with all traditions, as I planned to
purchase a "beer ball" to serve those who were of legal drinking age. This
concerned the committee a great deal, as did the possibility of injury to
anyone on camp property. In order to swing some members of the committee to
approve this event, I had little toplist preteens
to guaranty that all members of the staff who
were younger than 18 were to be off camp grounds before the event was to
begin. I made sure that everyone under 18 had rides home, and back on
Sunday.It was a beautiful day, and we had several sporting events planned.
Softball, volleyball, swimming, rifle and shotgun and a few other
competitions were planned, and we had some activities for the wives and the
children of the Fire Brigade also on the agenda.The key, of course, was the food.I was on my way to the Dining Hall to check on the progress of the menu
with the chef. As I entered the kitchen, I could smell the distinct aroma
of sausage, peppers and onions. I walked behind the prep table, and dipped
a spoon in a fresh pot of Italian sauce, and it was just perfect.The chef had finished the salads, the meatballs and the sauce. He was
cutting the cold cuts, as I entered. The hot dogs and burgers were out of
the freezer, and thawing in the refer; the lasagna and baked ziti were in
the oven. The kitchen was ready. I couldn't resist, and dipped a hunk of
Italian bread into the sauce, just to make sure.Our guests were arriving about noon, and as soon as the junior staff were
on their way, I could take a deep breath and just enjoy the day.Just after noon, the caravan of the Fire Brigade came up the road, there
were at least 20 cars that came into camp together. Another 10 cars were
soon to follow. By 12:30, our 45 guest had arrived.We reviewed the planned schedule, and headed for the activity field for the
first event. It was to be a softball game, the Fire Brigade vs. the Senior
Camp Staff. My guys were young and very athletic. We hadn't lost a game all
summer, but the volunteer fire team were a lot better. They were older,
more experienced and when they appeared on the field, they looked awesome.It was just as we begun the game, that my day got bad all of a sudden.In the camping area, preteen nude brazilian right next to nudist preteen forums
the Athletic Field, a 14 year old member
of my CIT Staff poked his head out of one of the tents. I couldn't believe
my eyes, when Mike Shields came walking over to the field. Apparently, he
went back to his tent after the Closing Ceremony and instead of packing a
weekend bag and leaving, he decided to lay down for a few minutes and fell
asleep for 3 hours. This, of course, was not unusual for him, however, but
I was now in violation of the agreement that I had made with the Camping
Committee. A junior member of the staff was on site, and the picnic was in
full swing.Thinking quickly, I sent him over to the kitchen, an told him to help the
chef complete the food preparations. I told him he was to stay out of
sight, and that if any of the members of the Camp Committee were to visit,
I would send someone over to move him somewhere else. There was no way that
I was going to break up this picnic.The day went well. No Camp Committee member visited the camp. We got our
butts beat in Softball; lost the final game of a 5 game volleyball
tournament by 2 points; won the swimming events; tied in the Rifle and
Shotgun competitions; and let the wives and children beat us in some of the
other contests. All in all, it was a good day, and we all enjoyed it.The Fire Brigade was happy, and were already planning to increase their
participation in camp preparations for next year. No one got hurt, except
for a few egos. But now I had to deal with the Mike Shields problem.In our planning for this day, it was agreed that after the event was over,
the Senior Staff was free to leave camp for a night out. I was kind of
looking forward to getting out to some of the local bars with the staff. I
had been good all through the summer, and this was a night to let off a
little steam, and enjoy the company of my fellow adult staffers.But I could not leave Mike alone in camp. It would have been easy for me to
tell one of the guys that they would have to stay back, and `babysit"
Mike. I am sure that who ever I had assigned, would do it (maybe be pissed
off) but they amber model preteen would do it just the same. I couldn't do that, these guys
had worked hard all season, so I told them that I would stay back and take
care of Mike.It was agreed that Mike would not sleep in the camp site. Not that he was
afraid to be there by himself, but one never knows what could happen during
the night. I also did not want him up in the adult staff cabins. Even I had
not ventured up preteens galerry there, and I was not sure of what would be found in those
cabins. I knew that some of the guys had brought some videos (ones that
would not have been approved by my Camp Committee) back with them. Since I
never went up there, I could honestly say that I never saw any type of
"banned" videos or such on the premises.I decided to set a cot on the screened in porch of my cabin. With him
sleeping on the porch (open and outside my quarters) and me sleeping
inside, I was in compliance little horny preteens
with the BSA policy -- maybe just on the edge,
but definitely in compliance.The adult staff went on their night out, and Mike and I went down to the
pizza place for a pie and a sandwich. When we got back to camp, we watched
a video, an adventure movie, and by then it was past midnight preteen webcam nude and it was
time for bed. As I got up, I got a charly horse in my calf, and wound up
limping around the room to try and work it out...Mike asked if I wanted him to give me a leg massage to ease the pain.-o-Let me introduce myself. My name is Pete McDermott. I am a 35 year old high
school math teacher, and a volunteer leader in the Boy Scouts since I
turned 18. I had joined Scouts when I was about 10, and I have been alpha preteen sex
a part
of the program ever since then. I spent time at summer camp as a camper
(with my Troop), a CIT (when I was 14), and as a Staffer (for 3 summers). I
really loved the Scouts, for many reasons. (Which will make a great story,
another time.)I have one older brother, and two younger preteen russian masterbation
sisters. My brother and I shared
a room when we were kids, and I learned a lot from him. He used to break
records for the number of times he could cum each night, and when I was old
enough to preteenmodel photos bikini
squirt, I tried to match him climax for climax, but there was no
way that I could ever win that battle. We did some mutual jerk offs, and
had a few "69" sessions, but he eventually grew out of it. I never did. My
brother is marred and has 5 kids, so I guess that he continues to keep his
**** very active. We never discussed our sexual activities after they
ceased when he was 17. I did continue to jerk off every night, even while
he was in the bed across the room. While my brother never did it in bed
any more, I suspect that he was still actively masturbating in the shower
or somewhere preteen lingire models
privately. You can't go from 4 times a night to not doing it
all -- you just can't.Both of my sisters were also married, and my parents, who are still alive,
have been blessed with 10 grand children. Nothing makes old fashioned Irish
Catholic parents happier than to see their children go forth and produce
many grandchildren.I have known that I was gay since I was very young. I got turned on every
time I went intoa men's locker room and watched other guys change. When I
was in high school, we required to wear either briefs or a jock for Gym
class. I had two fellow students in my row of lockers who would change into
either of the above from their boxers 3 times a week, and I made sure that
I made nymphets underage preteen
down to the locker room in time to see their ****s as I was also
dropping my pants and getting my Gym shorts on. I was then, and still am
today a confirmed white briefs guy. Mine are Fruit of the Looms, and I love
the varied wastebands that the company has used over the years, especially
those with just "FTL" around the band.My dad worked a lot, and my mom was a "stay at home" mother. We weren't
well off financially, but we never really wanted preteen dog rape
much. My mom made due, and
we never bothered her for $150 sneakers. The regular $30 athletic shoes
usually lasted for the summer.We were all pretty good students, and with a little academic scholarship
money, some Student loans, and a lot of effort by my parents, we all got to
college -- it was local, and not a big university, but we all got the
educations that we needed to get a good start in life.
Me, I decided to be a teacher. Math, Algebra and Trig -- all the favorites
of today's students. I teach in an all boys Catholic high school, and I'm
also one of the coaches for the Freshmen Football and sexopreteens Baseball teams.In my spare time, I serve as an Assistant Scoutmaster tiny preteens tgp for preteen illegal underage one of the Troops
at my Church -- the same one that I attended as a child, and that my parents
and I verycute preteen models belong to at the present time.While I loved to look, and fantasize while I was growing up, I never really
had any sexual relationships until I was in college. I don't count the
sessions with my brother, the few times with Matt, my best friend, or the
"strip poker" and Truth preteen homemade
or Dare jerk offs/suck jobs as true sexual
relationships. There were many of them. I could never figure out why I
would lose those games so often, but most times I was on the giving end,
very rarely receiving. Oh well, a run of bad luck. That is not to say that
I didn't get my share of blow jobs. I did. The first time that my friend
Matt let me cum in his mouth, I knew that I was hooked on that feeling
forever. I still don't think that anything tops that, a great blow job, by
a male friend -- oh yeah, that is heaven.Don't know why, but a blow job by a girl never feels the same. I guess a
guy really knows how to do it better. You know, if he gets that tongue
working on the underside of your **** head, man, I get hard just thinking
about it.I met Ralph in college. It didn't take long, we became friends the first
week of the first semester. We had a couple of classes together, and we
would go out on a Friday night, to look at girls (yeah, right) and drink
some beer. On one of those nights out, we both got pretty drunk, and he
made me preteensex models stay over at his apartment so that I wouldn't have to drive
home. That was the first of many, many sessions, and subject for preteen sexy child another
story at another time. But you should know that over the three years that
we were friends, we tried everything, and left no stone unturned.Ralph was the first uncircumcised **** that I had ever seen up close.
Growing up in a middle class neighborhood in the 70's, all of the boys strap on preteen got
snipped when we were born. I guess our parents all fell for the BS that
said that circumcision cut down on penile infections and male masturbation
-- we now know both are lies.Ralph was uncircumcised and wore briefs (like me). He was my kind of guy. I
was never sure if I loved his uncut **** more that I loved him, but given
the opportunity, underage porn preteen I made love to that 6 inch piece of flesh. And man, did he
look good in his white jockey briefs. When we first met, he was a bikini
brief guy, but he eventually changed to white jockey "Y" fronts, and he
really filled them out.While going to school, I stayed active with the Scouts at the Church. I
didn't attend many of the campouts during the year, but I did go with the
Troop to summer camp, as an assistant. I took every opportunity to watch my
boys. In those days, an adult was supposed to be with the Troop when you
used the shower room (as a group). Guess who volunteered?I preteen model anna
would keep records of what type of underpants each of the Scouts wore,
and also made sure that I got a good lock at what they were hiding behind
that white cotton or plaid tablecloth boxers. Just about all of them were
cut, but there were a couple whose parents (thankfully) left them intact. I
always paid special attention to these Scouts. Never touched one of them,
but boy did I love to look preteen bikini boys
and dream.The same at school. None of the teachers enjoyed being assigned to the
locker room during the change of periods. I never missed my turn, and, in
fact, took every opportunity I could to be there and watch as the students
changed for Gym or for the various sports programs. I was never obvious,
but I was there as much as I could be.Of course, when the Freshmen teams practiced for Football or Baseball, I
was also there. An adult had to be around between the shower room and the
locker room to "keep the horse play" down to a minimum. Actually I think it
was to make sure that no one was jerking off in the shower, but I'll never
tell. Again, I tried to keep meticulous records of each of the players,
big, small, fat, thin, pink petite and preteen head, purple head, lots of hair, big balls
briefs, boxer briefs, boxers (ugh), cut or uncut. I knew them all, naked preteen illegal and
dreamed about helping some of them reach their ultimate climax right into
my warm and waiting throat. Look, but don't touch!!!Now here I was the Director of Camp Hovey, with 65 hot young men following
my every command. No one even thought to question me when I had sat in on
the Medical Interview portion of the Staff Check in process. I sat with the
Camp Medic as he reviewed the Medical Evaluation Forms for each of the
Staffer's on that very first day of Pre-Camp Staff Week.As he reviewed each form, he checked their pulse, respiration and heart;
made notations on the Check in Form and then had each of them drop their
pants and underpants to check for a Hernia. The Medic felt this review was
necessary for each Staffer, as most of the physicals were administered
several months ago. I assisted the Medic, and did my best to do my check
up, also. Briefs and cut, boxers and cut, boxers and cut, boxer briefs and
cut, briefs and cut, boxers and uncut (yea, there were two uncut guys on
Staff, but on check in, titties preteens both were wearing boxers, ugh!).One thing I found out about Boy Scout Camps. Even though they may start out
in boxers, by mid season, even the most die hard boxer dude would switch to
briefs, maybe they ran out of clean boxers, but it was always great to see
the FTL/Hanes/Jockey/Calvins brief waistband on one of the confirmed boxer
guys. You gotta love Boy Scout Camp!-o-"Do you want me to massage you calf muscle?" Mike asked.I was kind of dumb founded by the question, and was unable to get any words
out of my mouth.Mike looked at me, waiting for me to answer. I opened my mouth to speak, by
the words were not coming out.Somehow, I mumbled, "Sure, Mike, that would be great."He moved over to the sofa, to my right, and told me to put my right leg
across his lap. He told me that he was going to take off my camp moc and
sock, so he could work the entire leg muscle.I really wasn't listening. I was crossed between being happy and being
worried. Happy to have this good looking 14 year old CIT massaging my leg
(hoping that it would go much further) and extremely worried preteen art gallery illegal preteengalleries
about what
could happen if someone walked in on us and got the wrong idea about this
innocent event.There preteen with dog was a little preteens wild
twinge in my briefs, when I felt his hands removing my
moc and sock, and I tried to think of something else, because I did not
want a tent in the front of my shorts to give anyone the wrong idea.Mike Shields was a lanky 14 year old. He stood about 5'6", was about 150
lbs, had light sandy colored hair, blue eyes (that sparkled with mischief)
and a very engaging smile.He wasn't with us at the start of the summer camp. He joined the staff, as
a CIT after he had spent two weeks with his own Troop in one of the camping
areas. He was the young brother of the girl friend of the Aquatics
Director, who had lobbied for me to take him on Staff. I guess Tom (the
Aquatics Director) was trying to get laid. By taking Mike out of his
sister's hair for the rest of the summer, he was doing her a favor that
could be repaid in some nice hot ***** in the future -- I hope it worked.Anyway, I had no idea about Mike's equipment. Didn't have the opportunity
to check him out, but I did know that he was a FTL erotic gallery preteen briefs guy. (He hung his
laundry on the rope outside of his tent.)He was yakking away, but my mind was elsewhere. It was hard for me to keep
from jamming my bare right foot right into Mike's crotch. If I did that, I
am sure that he would get the message, but what if he wasn't into boy/man
sex? What if he couldn't keep secrets? If word ever got out that I had
fooled around with a 14 year old at camp, my entire teaching career would
be over, and I could kiss the Scouting Program goodbye.After what seemed like an eternity, but really was only a few minutes, my
mind returned to normal, and I got my emotions under control.Mike was beginning to rub my calf muscles, and I have to admit, it really
felt pretty good. His fingers felt like magic, and he seemed to have had
some experience in working on aching muscles.I told him that his hands felt good, and that my calf was beginning to
relax. The sharp pain that I had experienced was gone, and the tenseness in
the entire leg seemed to be easing.I sat perfectly still, but I leaned back and rested myself against the end
of the sofa. My right leg was stretched across Mike's lap, and nudity preteen public
my foot was
on preteen full nudity top of the other end of the sofa. I model video preteen closed my eyes, and let Mike's
massage work it's magic.After about 15 minutes, Mike told me to bring my other leg up, and he would
massage the left one as well. I was his to command, and without objection,
I raised the left leg and brought it up next to the right one. I did move
my right leg a lot closer to Mike's crotch, and at one point, briefly
brushed it up against his package. He didn't flinch or make a ebony nn preteen sound. Not
wanting to tempt fate, I removed it and put it nude preteens nice up on the end of the sofa.Mike removed the other moc and sock, and then started to deeply rub my left
calf muscle. I thought I was in heaven. His fingers and hand worked little preteen ****
calf like a professional. I could feel all of the tension leaving that leg
as well.He worked on that leg, and then went back to the right one again. It was
great, and I could have just stayed in the position all night. But I got
nervous, and told him that my legs now felt fine. Mike asked if I wanted
him to put my socks back on, but I told him that it was time for bed, and
that I would remain barefoot for the walk to my bed- room.Mike told me that he wasn't really tired yet, and wanted to know if I would
let him give me a full back massage."It will help you sleep better," he said.I told him that it wouldn't look right if anyone came into the cabin, or if
word ever got out about it. (My body was saying yes, my brain was saying
no. My big head was thinking the right way, but the little head was
starting to get a little stiffie.)Mike insisted, and told me that he would never say anything to anyone, and
was pretty sure that I wouldn't either. He told me that he was a "massage
expert" and frequently gave them to his dad, sister and Tom (my Aquatics
Director). Guess what, my little head
won!! I agreed to get the massage.Mike asked if I had any body lotion, which I didn't. And then asked about
some Johnson's Baby Oil, which tiny preteen boys
I had used earlier in the summer to deepen
my tan. I got the bottle out of the bathroom, and he directed me to my
bedroom and told me to lay down on my stomach, on my bed. He told me to
remove my t shirt, and defloration petite preteen
then, hesitantly, suggested that I remove my Scout
Shorts.I looked at him, and asked if that was necessary. He just said that he
didn't want to get any baby oil on them, and that I might get so relaxed
that I could just leather preteen models fall asleep without getting up to get undressed again. It
sounded sensible, and also pretty sexy. As I was stepping out of my shorts,
I had to rearrange my now stiffening **** in my briefs, so it didn't look
like I had a hard on, which was in its beginning stages.I laid across the bed, and Mike took a position (on his knees) on my right
side. He squirted some baby oil in the middle of my back, and I winced at
the cool liquid now laying on my skin. He then moved across my butt, so
that he was strattling me -- his head facing my back -- and started to rub
the oil into my skin pores. His hands were like magic, and the feeling was
so relaxing and I video preteens free could almost feel the tension leave my body.Mike worked my shoulders, my back, my spinal cord and then back up to my
neck. He was really good. I can see why his father, sister and Tom enjoyed
his massages. I was really feeling relaxed and my mind was totally at
ease.Each time Mike worked his way down my back, he went closer and closer to
the waist- band of my briefs. I could feel his fingers rub the top of my
underpants, and the tingle smooth preteen boys was sent to the entire bottom half of my
body. He would brush his hand across the white cotton underpants, and move
back up to the top of my now totally limp body.The next time down, however, he raised the waistband and reached down to my
butt crack. Common sense told me that I should stop him, however, the
feelings that were running through my body, refused to let me move in
protest. Before I realized it, Mike had his thumbs into my shocking preteenporn waistband, and
told me to rise up so he could slip these off -- I totally complied, and,
quite frankly, didn't even feel him taking my briefs totally off.Now I was totally naked, in my bed, in my bedroom, with a 14 year old boy,
in a Scout Camp, with no one else on the property. This situation preteen models netherlands
has the
makings of a good sexy story (somewhat like the one I am writing).Mike didn't miss a beat. He squirted some fresh baby oil on my butt, and
the backs of my thighs, and continued with his magic hands. I could feel
his hands working my butt. First the globes, and then down into the
crack. Again, I wanted to protest,
but somehow I couldn't work up the strength to tell him to stop. I was
feeling so relaxed and tingly, that I could feel my hard on beginning to
dig its way into the soft mattress underneath. For sure, I didn't want to
cum, not with Mike around, and not into the fresh sheets and mattress on
this camp bed. My mind was on trying free samples preteen to control my natural body hairy preteen gallery impulses,
and I was slowly loosing the battle..Suddenly, Mike stopped his massage. It took me a moment or two to get
focused on what he was saying, "...turn over, and let me do your chest..."
There was no way that I was going to flip over on my back, and fully expose
my il asian preteens fully erect circumcised **** to this 14 year old boy in my cabin. I
could see it now, the headlines and a picture of my naked body on the front
page of the city newspaper at the beginning of my child molestation trial.I told Mike that I didn't preteen galleries biz want to turn over. I heard him chuckle, and he
asked, "What's the matter, you think I haven't seen a boner before?""No," I said, "I'm sure you've seen lots of boners, but you have never seen
mine."He chuckled again, and said, "My dad gets hard every time I give him a
massage, and Tom too. I've seem their ****s and naked bodies lots of times,
and it's no big illegal preteens porno deal.""I'm sure," I said, "but think of what could happen if someone walks in on
us. I could go to jail.""Like I'm gonna tell anyone?" Mike countered."Not the problem," I said. "I am the Camp Director, and what kind of
professional relationship can we have if you've seen me totally naked. It
is against the law, and against all Boy Scout rules. Get me a towel, out of
the bathroom. One of the big towels."My hardon was beginning to soften."Harummmph!!!" he said.He got up, and brought me one of the big white bath towels I had hanging in
the bathroom. I fastened it around my waist, and then turned over on my
back, so he could continue his massage.Mike finished his massage of my chest, legs and thighs without any further
sexual arrousal, and I lay there thoroughly enjoying the gentle, and fairly
professional way that his hand moved up and down my now pliant body. After
45 minutes of pure ecstasy I lay across the bed totally relaxed, and
physically satisfied.
I must say that I toplist preteen incest was also sexually sexe top preteens aroused. Not with a full hard on as
yet, but my semi hard **** was pulsating, and I knew that I had to get into
the bathroom to attend to my need to let loose the juices that built up
during that massage.Mike just sat there and porno anal preteen stared at me. He asked if I was all right, and I
told him that it was the best that I had felt in a long time, and that I
would be willing to put him on my personal payroll two or three times a
year if he wanted to give me full body massages.As I sat up, he was sitting facing me, with his legs spread apart. There
was no mistaking the bulge in his shorts. His **** was at full mast, and
was probably stretching the cotton briefs he wore as well as the denim
material of his scout shorts. He caught me looking, and I immediately moved
my eyes away from his crotch. Somehow I thought he knew that I wanted to
rip off his clothes, and have sex with him at that very moment.As my eyes met his, he was smiling -- a silly smirky smile. He knew.He asked me if preteens top xxx
it was alright if he slept inside tonight. I asked him where
he wanted to sleep, and he said, "right here with you.""I'm afraid if you did that, we wouldn't be getting too much sleep," I told
him."That's the general idea," Mike replied, now with a full smile.He stood up, and started to unbutton his shirt. I reached over and stopped
him, and then replaced his fingers with mine, and opened the final three
buttons on the shirt. He wiggled his shoulders, and the shirt fell to the
floor. I reached over and lifted his white t shirt up from his waistband,
over his well tanned body with sharp pointed nipples, and over his head and
dropped on the floor beside his shirt.I bent over and licked his pointed nipples, and his body shuddered. I took
them in my mouth, and slightly bit the tips of his nipples, and then moved
my thumbs up to play with the moistened boy tits. Mike threw his head back,
and enjoyed the feelings this foreplay sent through his body.I reached down and started to undo his belt, the snap and his zipper. preteen young underage His
Scout Shorts slipped down his legs and he lifted his feet, on at a time and
stepped out x amateurpreteen model of them. There he was, in his pure white Fruit of the Loom
briefs, they looked a size to small for his body, and the outline of his
****, now pointed upwards in the center of his underpants, gave me a hint
of the hidden treasure that was a moment away from my eyes.He was standing in front of me, and preteen ****suckers my head was at his waist level. I bent
over and started to lick the front of his briefs, along the outline of his
lengthening boy tool. It was almost reaching to the bottom of his
waistband, and I could feel it preteen girls nudism getting harder with each stroke of my tongue
on the underside of black preteen anal
his boyhood.His body was clearly enjoying my sexual attention. His eyes were closed,
and his breathing was getting more rapid with each stroke of my tongue. My
hands had a firm hold of his butt cheeks, and his body was moving back and
forth and in and out at the same time. At the young age of 14, he surely
knew what was happening and how to respond. It was almost as if he had done
this before.I couldn't wait any longer, I wanted to see what was hiding inside those
briefs. My thumbs were inserted into the side of the waistband, and I
slowly started to lower his cotton underwear down his lanky body. The front
of the briefs seemed to catch 100 japanese preteen on the tip of his ****, which offered some
resistance, however not much. As his ***** disengaged from the cotton, it
flapped back up to the upright position and slapped against his abdomen and
then back down to point straight out from his body.Oh my, this little wonder boy had a fore skin. He was not circumcised. His
four and a half inch **** was fully enclosed under an ample hood which
loosely covered his tool, even when fully erect. I was in heaven, I just
love uncircumcised ****.As he stepped out of his preteen 17 nudepics underpants, he reached down and wrapped his arms
around my body, and brought preteennudegirl gratis
his head down to my level, and started to kiss
me gently on my head, cheeks, lips and neck. Finally, he came back to my
lips, and parted them with his tongue, which he pushed inside my preteen nudie pictures mouth and
tangled it with mine. He seemed to have had previous experience in this
type of sexual stimulation.We both stood, locked in our passionate embrace. Our lips locked girlsex preteens in bliss,
and our tongues moving madly inside my mouth.As we stood there, Mike slowly lower his right arm and was gently caressing
my left side. As his hand reached the knotted towel around my waist, he
slowly untied the knot, and the towel fell to the floor. My now fully erect
six and a half inch circumcised **** snapped up to a right angle from my
body. Mike reached over and started to caress my purple helmet head, and
firm ridge that circled my hot pulsing ****.His finger reached under my head, and was tickling my circumcision scar. My
**** got harder, and was now touching the hot thigh just below Mike's ball
sack. His was also sticking straight stories preteen bondage
out from his body, and was rubbing up
against the top of my bushy pubic hair. His loose foreskin was sending
tingly sensationsinto my preteen russia rape body, and I had to rearrange our positions, or I would be shooting
my juice long before I wanted to. So I maneuvered us close to the bed, and
slowly edged our preteens shocked pics bodies down to the comfort of the bed.Mike read my intentions, and our sides hit the mattress at the same
time. We never loosened our embrace, nor did he remove his tongue preteen russian clit from the
confines of my mouth. As we hit the bed, Mike's hand released my ****, and
he started to gently massage my upper body. He was paying close attention
to my now preteen supermodels pictures sensitive nipples, which were now hard and pointy. He gripped one
between his thumb and forefinger, and gave it a good squeeze, preteen chat sites and my entire
body felt the twinge. He then moved his hand to my other nipple and did the
same.By now, I was so hot that I needed to change our positions once again. I
slowly moved my mouth away, and his recovered his own tongue. I kissed him
gently on the cheeks, the chin, his forehead. I licked his ears, and he
giggled.I moved my tongue down to his neck, his chest, and then his nipples. First
the right one. I licked his nipple, and then took it into my mouth. I
gripped it, ever so gently between my teeth, and his body shivered in
response. I knew he enjoyed that. So I moved to his left nipple. This one
was harder than his right. I licked all around the nipple, and then also
gently took it between my teeth. Another shiver.My tongue then started down the rest of his chest, down to his navel and
finally to the very fine and sparse blond hair of his treasure trail. At
the age of 14, he had started to get a few hairs, but they were hard to see
due to their light color. I moved further on down the treasure trail, and
was soon greeted by a couple of curly pubic hairs that were beginning to
grow on this now maturing boy. There weren't many, and it reminded me of my
own slow growth of pubes when I was his age.Finally I reached the base of his ****. It wasn't a big one, about 4-1/2
inches preteen model top100 now that he was fully erect. I licked my way from the base of his
****, up the outside and over the ample foreskin that provided the hood for
his **** head. I licked inside of the foreskin, his entire body shivered
again.I pulled on his foreskin, and there was a good inch of skin that now sagged
over His **** head -- uncut **** at its best, with lots of foreskin and
plenty of fluid to provide easy jerk off motions. I tasted his juices, and
it was a bit salty, but it also had that sweet taste of young boy ****. I
continued to lick the inside of his foreskin, and the smile on his face
convinced me that he was totally enjoying my favorite activity.
All that I could hear from him now were the ohs and ahs of sexual
pleasure. His eyes were closed and his head was bent back in total ecstasy.I then took his entire **** into my mouth. I swallowed him to the base of
his ****, with his foreskin fully extended. Once again, his body shivered
in delight. My hand reached out to take hold of his marble sized ball
sac. His balls, which had descended from his body, provided a comfortable
cushion for his **** when it was soft. I am sure that his **** fit into the
slight indentation between the descended balls as it hung in the tightly
fit briefs that he always wore.I massaged his sack for a while, while my head moved up and down his
shaft. When I reached the tip of his ****, my tongue movie preteen russian would, once again lick
the inside of his foreskin. I didn't know how much longer this youngster
would last, but my lust for his **** was too great for me to stop or slow
down.My hand let loose of his balls, and worked its way to his ass. His cheeks
were already spread apart, so there was very little resistance as I felt
for his "rosebud". I was afraid that I was moving too fast, but as my
finger reached his pucker, Mike spread his legs wider to give me full
access to his boy *****.He jumped a bit, as my finger made its first attempt to enter his ass. But
the muscles of his sphincter responded to the second attempt, and my
forefinger entered his butt. He was very loose, and it led me to believe
that he had previous experience in this preteen feet play area.My primary attention, however, was directed to his now stiffening tool. I
could tell that he was almost ready to pop. His breathing mpegs preteen nymphets
was rapid, his
**** got hard as a rock, and his grunting and guttural sounds were almost
IIIIIIIII'''''MMMMMMMMMM CCCCCCUUUUUUMMMMMMING NOW!"I moved his foreskin back behind the corona of his ****, his pee slit was
covered in pre cum, which I licked away, and then quickly covered his ****
head with my lips.With that, his **** flinched, and his hot sweet boy juice was spurting out
of the tip of his ****. There were three strong spurts, and then some
dribbles. I managed to swallow it all, and I then returned to moving my
head up and down his quickly softening flesh. His body went limp, and he
let out a sigh of relief. I think that he enjoyed it!!!I lifted my head from his ****, and climbed up in the bed to lay next to
him. His was on his back, and his breathing was beginning to slow down. My
hand reached over and started to rub his **** and balls. His body shivered
again, but he made no move to have me remove my hand. I put my finger under
his foreskin, and I could still feel the
dribble of cum as it oozed out of the pee slit on the tip of his ****. I
took some on my finger and moved it up to my tongue as I savored the final
drops of his sticky white semen. It tasted sweeter than before.He had fully recovered now, his breathing was back to normal as he lifted
his body to a sitting position. His head bent over and he kissed me on the
lips. He told me that he never felt as good as he did right now, and that
he was sure that he had topped all previous records for the amount of cum
that he shot out of his ****. "You're the best," he said.I had to ask, I know that I shouldn't, but I had to. "Oh, you've done this
before with another guy? I'm jealous. I had hoped to have been you first."That didn't get a response, and I didn't push it.His hand reached out for my ****, and grasped it firmly and started to jerk
me off. It didn't take long for my **** to get excited. At about the third
jerk, I could feel ls preteen beach the blood rushing to my tool, and inflating it to it's
full 6-1/2 inches. When it was hard, Mike bent over my body, and took my
**** fully into his mouth. He started to give me a blow job, and he was
totally into it. I could feel the tip of my **** as it hit the back of his
mouth.He was deep throating me, each time his nose reached the fragrant bush at
the base preteens nudes models of my ****. I knew that it wouldn't take me long, and I wanted to
slow him down a bit. As I gently used my hands to slow his drive, his
tongue went to work on m fully engorged purple **** head. It licked around
the corona, and underneath (my most sensitive spot). I think he knew that I
love that, because he didn't stop.I couldn't control him any longer, and he went to work. Within minutes, my
**** got rock hard, and I could feel the juices from the base of my scrotum
all the way to the tip of my throbbing ****. My body tensed, and I tried to
hold back. But my efforts were for naught, I squirted my preteen preteen blowjob
load into his
mouth. Four quick spurts, with a pause, and then one more strong shot
before I began to dribble. I looked down to see how he was handling my
enormous load of cum, but there were no signs that he was overwhelmed with
it, he swallowed my load without preteen jailbait naked any difficulty.Mike lifted his head, and started to lick my pee slit. He wanted to get it
all. His efforts were sending ticklish feelings throughout my body, but
there was no way that I was going to resist his desire to swallow all of my
cum.He was done, and moved his head next to mine and kissed me deeply. I could
still taste the salty fluid that he had sucked from my loins. I knew it was
mine, preteen en bikini because I had tasted it myself, many, many times. Every man knows the
taste of his own cum.We just laid there for a few minutes, side by side. The feel of underage preteen nymphets his warm
boy flesh against mine was giving me a tingle, especially in my groin. I
could almost feel the blood rushing to fill my spongy **** muscles. It was
at least five minutes before Mike spoke, and even then, I wasn't sure that
I had heard him right."**** me, please **** me".That is what I heard, and I said, "What?"Mike repeated himself. "**** me, I want you to preteen lovers tgp
**** me. I want to feel you
inside of me. I want your cum inside of me.""Are you sure that's what you want??" I asked."Yes, I want you to **** me.""Mike, I don't think that we should.""Please **** me now," he cried.I got up from the bed, and went into the bathroom for some lubricant. I
came back and stood over this hot teen aged boy, and asked again, "Are you
sure you want me to do this Mike??"Mike answered, "Yes, I want you **** inside my ass, I want to feel you
inside of me, I want your cum inside of me. **** me now." Mike raised his
legs and spread them so that I would have a clear path to his pucker. His
red rose bud looked as if it was calling me by name, to come and **** him.By now, my porn preteen photos
**** was at full attention, and I reached down and squeezed some
lotion onto nymphet pics preteen my hand, and lathered up the cheeks of his anus. I took my
finger and started to work it into the bud. My finger was soon inside of
him and lubricating the walls of his most private body part. The muscle
loosened, and I now inserted a second finger.I finger preteen porno 12yo ****** him for a minute or two, and as I was busy working his ass,
I could see that his intact ***** was beginning to react to my fingers. It
was stiffening, and was soon fully erect, and slapping in time with my
fingers, against his abdomen.As my **** was now at full mast, I removed my fingers and squeezed another
good lot of lotion on my hand, and worked it onto my **** I was ready, and
bent over his body and moved my **** directly towards his hole."Are you ready for this??" I asked."**** me now," he answered.The point of my purple **** head was now at his pucker. I gently pushed it
into the muscle, but preteen boobies his pucker held me on the outside. I backed away, and
moved back, only this time with a little more pressure. A little
resistance, and then it opened and let my smooth cut **** enter him.His body reacted, a little, and I stopped with just my head inside. His
body relaxed a bit, and I pushed a little more. No more resistance, his ass
swallowed up my entire 6-1/2 inches and I was all the way inside him.I asked him if he was ok, and he responded, "**** me now, please **** me
now." I eased my **** back a bit, almost to where my head was just inside
his body, and thrust forward. My balls were right up against his butt
cheeks. Back out again, and then another good thrust. No negative reaction,
so I moved back again, and this time slammed my thai preteen model **** inside with lil preteen topmodels all of my
might. Mike cried, "Oh yes, do it again."Now I was getting into a good rhythm. In and out, in and out. He was loving
it, and so was I. Within a few minutes, I could see his **** twitch and get
rock solid. As I reached for it, to give him some pleasure, he let loose
his second good load of the night. His **** squirted three huge loads, one
of which reached all the way up to his chin, the others settled on his
chest and in his navel.As he shot, his ass reacted by squeezing around my pulsatng ****, and I
couldn't hold back any longer. I shot several loads of cum in his
accommodating ass hole. It was the most I had cum in a long time, and the
feelings that were sent through my body were the best reaction I had ever
had russian preteens underage to my sexual release.I was totally spent, and just leaned over his body, and rested my chest
down on his cum filled chest and preteens lingerie posing
navel. african preteen nude We both remained in that position
for a while, and as my **** started to shrink to it's flaccid state, I
could hear it plop out of Mike's ass, and I could feel some of my cum
slowly oozing out of his cum filled ass hole.As the euphoric feeling began to ebb, I looked over to see that it was
close to 2:30 AM. I knew that the Senior Staff would soon be returning to
camp from the local bars. While I was sure that none models xxs preteen
of them would venture
down the road to the Director's Cabin, I didn't want to take the chance of
getting caught in this position with Mike.I got up and went into the shower. I needed to get the cum off my body and
clean my **** off. I took a quick shower, and dried myself off. I wrapped
another towel around me, and went back to my bedroom to put on a fresh pair
of hanes white briefs.Mike was just laying there, almost in a trance, with a huge smile on his
face. I told him that he better get up and get a shower. You could smell
the cum in the room, and I was sure that most of the cum scent would be
gone, as soon as Mike cleaned up. Slowly, he got up, and headed for the
shower. As he left the bedroom, I could see a steady stream of my cum
leaking down the side of his leg, and I did hope that he got into the
shower before he managed to leak all over the floor. I was in no condition
to mop the floor at this hour.While Mike was showering, I changed the sheets on my bed, and straightened
up a bit. I picked up Mike's clothes that were on the floor, and as I
folded his stuff, I took a look at his briefs. I was sure that he liked to
jerk off, because the front of his briefs were totally covered with yellow
cum stains, and the top layer of his pee slit were stiff with dried cum, so
I preteen naturalist tgp sniffed them, and yeah, he must have shot a couple of good loads in them
over time.Mike came out of the shower, and walked into the bedroom totally naked. He
had another hard on -- boy, how I wish I was 14 again. He told me that he
was ready to go again. I suggested that we wait until tomorrow, because I
could hear the cars coming back into camp, and I didn't want to take the
chance. He said ok, and slipped on his cum stained briefs. I had to force
him to the outside cot, so if anyone came down it would be just as we had
planned it to be, me preteen animation sex inside and Mike outside. No violations of scout rules.On Sunday morning, I got up early, and roused Mike out of bed. We went out
to the diner for breakfast, expecting to meet other members of the Staff at
the diner. I guess they (the Senior Staff) had a good time, because most of
them didn't get up until early afternoon, just in time to check in by 3 PM.Mike told me over breakfast that he had been sexually serving his dad since
he turned 12, and even, on a few occasions, serviced some of his dad's
friends. I wanted to know a little more about it, and he did confide in me
that he has been sucking his dad's **** for years. He also said that his
dad had broken his anal cherry when he turned 13. At least that accounts
for the loose anal muscles, and experienced way he handled himself.With further conversation, I found out that Tom, my Aquatics Director, who
I though was "super straight" was also a regular part of his dad's
activities. It seems that the dad loved 3 ways and 4 ways, and on more that
one occasion hosted orgies that include Mike, Tom and his sister Beth. Mike
told me that his sister Beth had sucked and ****** all three of them in one
night, as well as Mike sucking and ****ing his dad and Tom. These type
parties have also included several other friends of his dad, and also some
friends of Tom's.Staff Week was over quickly, and Mike and I found a way to get together
each night for that week. We kept in close touch after camp, and he visited
me several times before school started. He went out for the football team,
and his time was limited. I found other interests in my own school -- but
then that's part of another story.If you liked this story, please let me know. Write me at
If you have comments, positive or negative, let me know so that I can work
them into my next story. I will respond to all.
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