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From: Rachael Anne
Subject: Miranda Loves Her Hubby RachaelMiranda Loves Her 12year old naked *****
Husband Rachael..!
By Rachael Anne PaineMy wife, Miranda and I have a wonderful relationship and an even better sex
life. We 15 years teen porno have always enjoyed being together and we are best friends.
However, there was one secret that I had never told her during the ten
years we have been married. I was just too embarrassed to tell Miranda
because I didn't know how she would take it. I adore women's clothes, from
lingerie and shoes to skirts, blouses and dresses. I truly love wearing
female attire, but I have never mentioned it to Miranda. On occasion, when
home 15 years boy nude
alone, I would put on a pair of Miranda's panties and a slip and walk
around the teen 15years ****** house. I am of slight build with a small waist and only about
three inches taller than Miranda, so her lingerie fits me fairly well. The
feeling of nylon and satin lingerie against the skin is marvelous.Then, one day, it happened. Finishing early at the office I decided to
take the rest of the day girls naked 14 years off. I drove home thinking I would have the rest
of the day to myself and would enjoy the afternoon wearing Miranda's
lingerie and lounging around the porno 16 year girl house. I could not wait to get home; the
thought of this was exciting. I arrived home, immediately went inside and
removed all my clothes, fifteen year old nudes took a long hot bath, dried myself and went into
our bedroom. I opened the dresser drawer, which contained Miranda's
lingerie and picked out a pair of sexy black hi-cut panties and her black
slip. I slipped 8 year sex porn
on the panties and pulled the slip over my head. My ****
was rock hard and I put it between my legs and it was held there with "my"
panties. Since it 15 years russian *****
was still early in the afternoon, I decided to watch a
little television. I watched tv for what I thought was only a short time
but I had fallen asleep. Suddenly, I heard the back door open and I nearly
panicked. "My god," I thought, "what am I going foto porn 15 years
to do." I didn't even
know who was coming in because I had forgotten to lock the door when I came
in. I jumped up from the chair and headed for the bathroom when I was
intercepted in the hallway. It was Miranda. I was so embarrassed, I felt
like crawling under a rock."Well, my dear," she giggled, "you look so cute, why haven't you told me
about this before, young lady, I could have helped with your wardrobe." I
was completely taken aback by what she said. I was still flush with
embarrassment. "I am so sorry, Miranda, I just can't help it," I said."Don't worry darling, if you like this, I will help you, I will even
transform you into a female if you wish. I think you would make a darling
young woman. However, you must do as I say, I will take care of
everything." Taking me by the hand, she led to into our bedroom. She sat
me on the edge of the bed and, standing in front of me, began to slowly
undress. She removed 16 year teen xxx all her porno girl 14 years clothing except her garter belt and
stockings. Then she told me to lie back on the bed. She pulled my panties
down to my ankles and pulled my slip up around my waist and mounted me. On
her knees she guided my rock hard **** into her ***** and lowered herself,
taking my **** inside her hot ****. We made love until we both climaxed
and fell exhausted and drained into each other's arms. After a while we
got up and took a shower together, washing and massaging each other for teenpics 14-16 year the
longest time.That evening, she took me to 13 years porn xxx
the mall for some shopping. When we arrived at
the shopping teens 16 years xxx
center, she took me into a women's wear boutique. 16-year-old nude
"We need to
get you some attire of your own, darling," she said, "every woman needs her
own wardrobe." I was very nervous and excited as she picked out sexy
stretch satin bras, matching masturbating 14 years panties, black nylon stockings and pantyhose.
Then she selected 12 years old ****ing a garter belt along with a couple of cute mini skirts,
satin blouses, and dresses complete with matching belts and
accessories. One of the little mini skirts was red leather. She then took
me to the shoe store and picked out two pair of 4" spike heels, one red
patent ankle strap, open toe pair and the others was 4" black patent opera
pumps. "We also 16 years anal teen need to pick out a wig, you will need one to be complete,"
she said. We went to another boutique nearby and she picked out a cute
little below shoulder length, shag cut, blond wig for me, which she said
she would foto schoolgirl 15 years
style later. We took our purchases to the car but returned to
the department store where Miranda had to decide the type makeup, which
would be best for me. I hoped that the woman at the perfume 16-year-olds teens tgp
thought the makeup was for Miranda but the way Miranda looked for correct
skin tone bases, etc. I felt the woman must have known it was for me as
she would look at me and smile when Miranda made a choice which was clearly
more for my fair complexion than Miranda's olive asian lunar year
skin. "Now," she said,
"we 16 year teens porno have all that is necessary for your transformation into a female except
for one thing, and 16 years porn ****
that is a name, you will need a feminine name. How
about 'Rachael,' that should be a nice, cute name for you."Nervously, I replied, "I like it very much, Miranda, my name is Rachael, I
really do like it." "Very well, Rachael, let's return home and we'll
begin, we have the entire weekend ahead and we will live it as two female
lovers. I will teach you how to dress properly, also how to apply your
makeup, and how to walk in hi-heels. I will train you in the exquisite 14 years old nudist art
of femininity," she said. young ***** 14 years
We arrived home and unloaded all my new
accouterments and apparel. Miranda told me to take a hot bath and to shave
my legs, torso and underarms and that she would shave my back, which I did
in a hot scented bath. When I finished, Miranda, dressed in a black satin
basque, stockings and high heel pumps, powdered me and sprayed me all over
with delightfully feminine cologne.She then took me into our bedroom and sat me at her dressing table where
she expertly applied my makeup and lipstick. "Stand up Rachael," she said,
"I want to fit you with your bra and 15 year **** teen breast prostheses." ilegal teens 12years
She had purchased
my prostheses while at the mall. She put my ivory stretch satin front hook
bra teens 12-16 years desnudas around me and hooked it. 12years ***** pics Then she inserted my breasts. "Sexy, Rachael,
very sexy," she quipped. "Now for your garter belt and stockings, I'll
show you how to slip on your stockings properly." She placed my garter
belt around my waist and fastened the little clasps. Next she showed me
how to smoothly slip on my stockings over my freshly shaven legs."Remember, Rachael, a demure young submissive maiden always wears a garter
belt and stockings, never panty hose, unless she is wearing her maid's
uniform or very short mini skirt," she said. "Although," she said, "a
garter belt and stockings are very sexy with a mini skirt.""Now slip on your panties," she said. The feeling of this apparel was
extraordinary and I felt wonderful. Next came my white satin blouse and my
little sexy 12 years red leather mini-skirt with matching belt. I then slipped on my red
4" ankle strap heels and Miranda placed a gold chain around my neck."Now, my darling Rachael," said Miranda, "your crown and glory, your wig."
She placed the wig on my head and fitted it to me. She teased it a bit and
then said, "Now, my darling, you are ready for the world, you are a very
lovely young woman; you look marvelous."Walking in 4" heels was a little difficult but I wore them around free porn 18 years the ilegal years nude house
the entire weekend, Miranda at 12 years old teen my side showing me what to do and how to
walk; it was marvelous. 13 years teenxxx "You are doing fine, Rachael, but I think you will
need more training than I can give if nude girls 16 years you are to be a complete feminine
woman. I will see if I can find a mistress to train you in the fine art
and discipline of being female. Meanwhile, I will teach you as best I
can."I continued to dress as a female for the entire weekend and loved every
minute of it. Miranda and I acted as two female lovers, not as man and
wife. A week or so passed when Miranda told me she had found someone who
could train me better than she if I wanted to go through with it. I agreed
that is what we should do."Well, we may as well start this Friday evening. I will take you to preeteens list 13 year her
for the weekend or perhaps longer since you have four or five weeks of
accumulated vacation time coming, you should 14-16 years old sex take it now," she said.I nervously and anxiously agreed. I made arrangements for taking my
vacation time beginning the coming weekend and xxx teen 13 year I was nervous and anxious
the entire week. I could not imagine what was going to happen to me during
my training to become totally feminine and a female devotee for Miranda.Friday evening finally arrived and Miranda drove me to a large home in the
country. We spoke little during the thirty-minute ride; I was very anxious
and excited. Miranda had been instructed to leave all my clothes at home
since I 12 year nude teen
would not need them for a while because all necessary attire would
be provided me. When we arrived at the large palatial estate, we were met
at the door 16 years sex galery
by a 13 year old breasts tall, slender, well built woman with dark skin and long,
coal black hair. She was dressed in a low-cut black leather sheath dress
with black knee-hi leather hi-heel boots.We were invited 12 years young pics
into her home and taken to the den where we sat down on a
very plush leather couch. "My name is 'Mistress Dominique' or you may call
me 'Ma'mselle Domina' and I will train you, Rachael. I will transform teen year naked you
from a macho male to a passive, feminine woman. porno 17 years However, you teens 13 years photos must be
prepared to remain here for at least three weeks, possibly longer, and you
must do as I demand of you without question. Your subservience to me is
most important in your becoming effeminate. You will be trained to forget
your machismo, your manliness, and you will learn what it is 12 years sex pics
like to 12 years sex thumb be a
passive, servile female in a so-called man's world, to be emasculated, what
it's like to be obedient and dominated by a strong, dominant woman." She
then warned, "Your training will be intense or even harsh, Rachael, if I
deem necessary. You will have no contact with Miranda until your training
is complete. If both of you agree to this, then Miranda you must leave now
and not return until I contact 16 year old sexmovies you. The next time you see Rachael, she
will be a complete, passive she-male lover for you, eager to do anything
you desire of her."Miranda walked over teen fifteen years porno to me and kissed me passionately on the mouth and 14 years old xxx said,
"I love you, Rachael, I can't wait to see you movis 14 years sex again." She departed the
house and 14 year old nudist
drove away. 14 years teens porn16-years sexy for free "Rachael, remove all of your clothes and give them
to me, now" demanded Mistress Dominique."Yes, Mistress," I replied as I removed all my clothing, everything, until
I was completely nude. small teen year clip She then took me to a large bathroom and told me to
draw a hat bath into which she added fragrant bath oils. I was to bathe
and then shave my legs and 16years girl sex pics torso after which she would asia girl 16 years shave my 19 years old porn
back and
then my pubic hairs. When she finished my 14 year old schoolgirl back, she lathered my crotch
and, as she held my rock hard ****, she took the razor and gently shaved
the hair from my crotch. All this took about an hour. "Get out of the
bathtub, Rachael but do not rub your body dry with your towel, pat yourself
dry," she said. "One thing, Rachael," you will, while you are here, be
required to have a smooth, clean shaven pubic area."As soon as I finished, she led me into an adjoining bedroom where she sat
me down at a beautiful dressing table on top of which was a variety of
makeup, lipsticks, perfumes and cologne. She applied my makeup and blush,
fitted false eyelashes to my eyelids along with eyeliner and eye shadow.
She then applied a light coral lipstick and gloss to my lips."I will instruct you in proper makeup, Rachael." she said. "Too much
makeup makes you look like a cheap *****, you are a lady. You have much to
learn, but for now we have a long evening ahead." Finally, she lightly
powdered my body and sprayed me with an exquisite fragrance, the scent of
which was marvelous."Stand, Rachael, I want to see you." I stood up and walked to the middle
of the bedroom and stood 17 years nude girls motionless. Mistress followed, observing. She
said, "Bend over, Rachael, spread your legs and hold your ankles.""Yes, Mistress."She came up behind me and I felt something cool and slippery between my
cheeks. She pushed and it entered my anus, quite painfully at first,
further and further until she 40 year old nudes had penetrated me completely. "That, my dear
little Rachael, was 13 years **** young a six inch ***** designed to remain in you until I
remove it or allow you to remove it. It will train your boy-***** to
accept anything I or your lover wishes to insert into it for whatever
purpose we desire. Beginning now, my darling, you are a 50 years old porn slave-girl in
training. Now, straighten up and wait for me.""Yes Mistress."She went to 14 years old porn the dresser and returned carrying several items of lingerie.
"I will teach you how to dress properly and you must follow my
instructions, completely. She strapped a lovely black satin and lace bra
on 17 yearold ***** pics
me and the breast prostheses she had for me were large and heavy. "Your
breasts will be a C cup, my dear and you will always wear them." I then
put on a matching garter belt and slipped on a pair of black nylon
stockings on my smooth, freshly shaved legs. Mistress then placed a heavy
pink brocade corset around my sexy 12 years sex
waist and hooked the busks. anal 16 year porno
While I held the
corset to my waist, she laced me into it tighter and tighter until it was
laced to it's smallest, giving me an incredible 26-inch waist. Being
tightly laced into a corset is an extraordinary feeling and I loved every
minute of it. "A 10-14 year ***** pics
proper lady must always wear her corset, Rachael," she
said."Now, 15 years nude pics
Rachael, in free porn 16 years
order to transform you as a submissive female, you will
first be trained as a 18 years girls porn maidservant and you must dress the part. In addition
to your corset and lingerie, you will wear a little maid's uniform and high
heels. I will also require you to wear wrist and ankle restraints plus a
collar." "Oui, Ma'mselle, I will do as you require."She presented me with my little black satin maid's uniform. It was very
short with a white pettycoat. The long sleeves had little white ruffles at
the wrists and a lace low cut collar. The little black ****ing girl 12 year
high cut panties had
pretty little white ruffles in the rear. I stepped into my uniform youngs 16 year nude
with Mistress Domina's assistance, adjusted it to fit 15 year girl thai and she zipped it up
the back. It fit my waist and bust perfectly. Next, she handed me a pair
of black patent, ankle strap 5" spike heels which I slipped on and buckled
the straps around my ankles. "You will wear hi-heels the entire time you
are here, Rachael. You will become proficient at walking in these or 14 year girl hardcore
higher heeled shoes, my dear," she said, as she placed my blond wig on my
head and adjusted it to a proper fit. "You will be required to wear six
and even seven inch heel platform shoes during your training so that
walking in five inch heels will become instinctive for you, Rachael."Lastly, she brought out the 2" leather wrist and ankle restraint cuffs that
she placed on my stocking clad legs and locked with small asian teen years padlocks so I
could not remove them."Now, my darling little slave-girl, your 'obedience collar', you will wear
this at all times except when I remove 12 years xxx girls
it for 14 years porno
you to shave and bathe. You
will notice that your collar and other restraints are equipped with D-rings
to which I can attach a bridle or chain in order to restrict your movements
if I deem necessary."My posture collar was of heavy, 13 years japanese xxx lined black patent leather, three inches
wide in back and four inches wide in the front, designed to keep one's head
extremely erect. It had laces in the back and heavy sweets sex teens 12year
D-rings on the sides
and front. Since the front was considerably wider than the pedoworld 15 years old
back, head
movement was extremely restricted. She placed the collar around my neck
and firmly laced it in the back then locked it teens 15 years sex in place with a small
padlock. She then attached 16 years sexy pic a small chain leash to my collar and led me to
a full-length mirror near the dressing table. What I saw in the mirror
startled me. I saw a very pretty young woman who looked very sexy in her
little uniform, black stockings and spike heels. I felt my waist and hips
through my uniform as I turned from side to side admiring my sexy new
figure. Seeing myself dressed as a captive and bound
maidservant-in-training with leather constraints on my wrists, ankles and
neck, was exhilarating and my **** was as hard as a rock under my scanty
little panties.For the first two weeks I was taught to prepare simple meals and, more
importantly, how to serve a meal to my mistress and her guests. Each and
every day I had to wear my corset, maid's uniform, high heels and lingerie,
plus makeup and wig. My discipline and instruction girls16 year sexy was so complete that I
was beginning to feel as though I "was" 12 years porn picture a female and that wearing these
accoutrements were becoming normal and natural for me. I particularly
enjoyed wearing my corsets and 5" heels. All that I did was being done as
a demur, subservient female. Then one morning Mistress Dominique told me I
was to tend a dinner that evening for 12 years teens photos
several special guests at her home.
She said the meal itself would ****ing 10years old
be catered but that I would serve the guests
at the dinner table. She also advised me that I would wear a very special
costume but she would tell me about it until later in the day. "Prepare
yourself Rachael, 14 yearsold rusian girls I want you completely shaven. I want you to be a very
pleasurable 15 year old **** young teen nude 17 years
maiden for me and my guests," she 16 year teen porno said.I drew a hot bath with scented oils and shaved my legs, crotch and body.
Mistress Dominique shaved my back. I put on a sexy black stretch satin bra
and prostheses after which I was firmly laced into a heavily boned red
satin corset with eight garters after which I slipped on a pair of long
black nylon stockings and attached them to the garters. My waist had been
crushed to a tiny 24 inches and the feeling was truly incredible. Then
came a pair of tight fitting red stretch satin thong panties. Mistress
brought in a shiny red stretch vinyl maid's uniform with a black petticoat.
It also had a little white satin apron and cap. 13 **** years old This particular little
uniform was very short and had no back from the waist down so that my ass
would be porn 10 years
completely exposed for all to see. Lastly, she handed me a pair
of six inch, red patent, double ankle strap platform high heels which I
delightfully strapped on. I quickly walked around the room hardcore sex 17 year and looked at
myself in the mirror and saw a very beautiful and sexy young woman, I was
very excited and could not wait until the guests started arriving so I
could show myself off."One more thing my darling little maid," said Mistress Dominique, "you must
wear these throughout nude girl 14 year the evening, so be still teens gallery 12 years
so I may put them on you."
She had a two-inch wide collar 14 year old sexy of chrome plated steel to which was attached
three "D" rings, two small one on either side and a large two-inch ring
attached to the front. She placed it around my neck and snapped the
closure in back, which she then locked. Next she placed two-inch wide
steel wrist cuffs on my wrists and locked them. nudist 13 year old
Then she placed two
similar steel cuffs around 15 years girl nude my ankles.Finally, she placed a matching two-inch wide polished steel belt around my
waist, adjusted it for a firm fit and locked it in back with a small
padlock. The belt had a "D" ring attached on the front and one on each
side. Although I was terribly aroused by all this, I was quite nervous and
anxious about having all these people looking at me, especially since my
ass would be bare except for my little thong panties. I hoped I did not
screw up and make Mistress angry. As she informed me earlier in my
training, punishment could be harsh if I failed to please her.The saga continues...soon Rachael will be turned over to her wife.If you liked my story, please e-mail me at rachael_aphotmail.com
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