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From: John Rogers
Subject: My Jeff -- the Porn Star Part IIThis story is fictional and not intended to promote any activities.
Bill Carruthers was in a daze. The night started with him getting a blowjob
from a blonde he had never seen before and ended with him ****ing his own
son in front of a crowd.After his **** session with his son, Jeff, aka Jeff Roberts porn stud, Bill
had retrieved his clothes and tried to get his mind functioning in some
sort of rational manner. The crowd at the party was milling about, mostly
trying to find someone for the evening. russian pre teen girls More than a few came to Carruthers
to offer their congratulations -- as well as to see if he would like to
hookup for the evening. But Bill -- why he told Brandon to call him Willie
was beyond his comprehension -- was physically and emotionally
drained. It's not every Friday night that you **** your son.Brandon and Frank were waiting at the door when Bill was ready to leave. "I
hope that you had a great time tonight, Willie." Brandon smiled and then
took Bill's head in both hands and kissed him deeply. Bill returned the
kiss again grabbing Brandon's ass."Just two requests, Brandon. First, I prefer Bill and second, keep this
quiet at work.""What happens here stays here, Bill." Brandon was beaming. "Can we get
together again some time?""I pre teen naked certainly hope so." Bill stoked Brandon's **** as a going away salute."Willie," Frank joined them. "You must have made an impression on porn star
guest, he left this note for you."Bill didn't want to open the note in front of Frank and Brandon. "You don't
think he was serious about me appearing in his next project, all I need is
to pre teen asian cuties be seen in a **** film.""God, this man just ****** the most desirable hunk in Hollywood and now
he's complaining." Brandon was mocking his boss. "Go home and get some
sleep.""Yes, sir." Bill pre teen models bbs
returned the mock as he walked out the door.
Carruthers mind was whirling as he tried illegal pre teen list
to come to grips with the night's
events. Had he been wrong to have ****** his oldest son? He had given
Brandon a blowjob, so shocking pre teen pics everyone knew pre teen ***** he liked to have sex with men. In the
circumstances, not ****ing Jeff may have caused some questions to be asked?
At least that was how Bill rationalized hot pre teens latinas
his actions sexxy pre teen as he drove home. And
to be perfectly honest, his son was the most desirable man at the party
even if Jeff was only 20.A quick shower and sleep were all that was on his mind when he got to the
condo the company was renting for him. He had put off opening the note
until everything else had been taken care of, he didn't pre teen anal know if he was
scared of what the note might say or what it child model pre teen might not say.Slipping under the sheets, he opening the note: "Willie, you can't imagine
how much I enjoyed hot naked pre teens being with you tonight. I'll be in town through Sunday
if you would like to talk. I think we need to. My cell number is
310-572-3456. Love, Jeff"Bill thought, if only he knew how much I enjoyed myself tonight. It was
1:45 AM, sleep came quickly."Damn," he had forgotten to turn off the alarm before he fell asleep. At
least the weekend feature was working -- it was 9:00 AM Saturday morning
and not the weekday 5:30 wake up. After waddling to the bathroom, he
stumbled to the kitchen, caffeine, he needed a jolt to start the day. Never
a coffee drinker, pre teen model images the two-liter bottle of Coke was his morning rouser. His
brain was starting to function again, what a night last night was. Could he
face his son again? Was it too early to call? Now fully awake, Bill got the
note. With some trepidation, he dialed the number . One ring, two rings,
finally a voice on the other end, "Hello, this is Jeff.""Jeff, this is your father.""Boy dad it is great to hear your voice again." Jeff sounded like a
son. "But I thought you preferred Bill to Willie.""I didn't get them briefed properly. And besides I thought you were into
women not men.""It's a long story dad, one I would like you to hear. Can we get together
today? His voice was almost pleading."I would like nothing better. I'll pick you up for lunch and then we can
come over here for the afternoon." This was Bill Carruthers talking to his
son Jeff, not Willie taking to a porn star.They made the arrangements and got off the phone. Bill had only two hours
to get the place presentable and get over to Jeff's hotel. After the condo
was prepped, Bill got himself prepped. A close shave made his face
presentable -- shaved pre teen he was about to get in the shower when another idea leaped
into his nude underage pre teen
mind. With painstaking caution he proceeded to trim the hair above
and around his **** and balls. Bill liked as little hair as possible in the
way when he went down on someone, he imagined that his son was the same
way. It also occurred to him to have some lube and condoms available, a
stop at the store on the way to lunch.Jeff knew that his dad would lola nude pre teen be on time, Bill Carruthers was pre teengirl nudist video never late,
never even pre teens foto fashionably late. After hanging up the phone, Jeff went into the
bathroom, after relieving himself, he shaved and then removed the hair from
his **** and balls. He had previously had a laser treatment to remove the
hair from his ass, but having a laser around his genitals unnerved him so
he never had that area done. Finally, he filled the enema bag with warm
water and stuck the applicator up his ass and let the warm water flood him
-- nothing was too good for his father. Jeff finish by taking a hot shower
-- his thoughts were of his father, particularly his fathers pre teen sexy boys ****. Drying
off, he rehearsed his lines -- he was going to tell his father the whole
truth, he was not ashamed or embarrassed by his movie career and pre teen gay stories
wanted his
father to know that. Jeff slipped on high cut bikini underwear, this was
his feminine side coming out. Next, a monogrammed dress shirt, khaki pants
and loafers.Bill arrived at the hotel at the appointed hour. His son must be doing all
right in the porn pre teen orbita business, at least he was staying in a five-star
hotel. Bill knocked on Jeff's door not knowing what would happen next. Jeff
opened the door, Bill was speechless."Dad, please come in," Jeff was trying to be calm and collected. "Just let
make sure my laptop is in sleep mode.""Nice room, you've got here son." Bill made small talk, he had decided to
let Jeff lead the conversation."Dad, I am well paid for what I do and this pre teens under 8 gig included all expenses
paid.""And how much did you make last night?" From a business point of view, Bill
was curious."Do you really want to know? You might be flabbergasted or angry.""Yes, I would really like to know""Okay, german pre teen nymphets
I made $5,000 naked pre teens video
last night.""You're right I am flabbergasted." Incredulous may have been a pre teen models galleries better
choice for the stunned father."That's pre teenies nude net part of the reason I do what I do." Jeff was now back in front of
his father. He wrapped his arms around his father's neck. "I also enjoy my
work." Jeff kissed his father on the lips. Bill responded by slowly opening
his mouth to let his son's tongue enter. This was a deep loving kiss as
both men wanted to happen what had happened. Bill's right hand was on his
son's crotch and he slowly rubbed Jeff's **** thru the khaki material. Jeff
continued to search his father's mouth with his tongue, he knew he would be
hard in a few seconds and knew that he would have this man's **** in him
before the day was over.Jeff broke the kiss, "Shouldn't we go get something to eat first, there
will be time for that later.""You pre teenpics are so right, it's the that that I can't wait for." Bill could not
believe how much Jeff turned him on.They drove russian pre teen boy to an upscale eatery that Bill had found near his condo. Bill
specifically asked for a booth out of the main traffic pattern of the
restaurant."Dad, where do want me to begin? Should I give you my complete sexual
biography? Jeff wanted to talk."Jeff, maybe not every detail, but more than just the high points." Bill
knew that Jeff had been ****ing his girl friends in high school since he
was 16, but had no ideas about any gay experiences his son dad ****ing pre teen had had."Well as you may recall I **** Amanda Polatty most of the second half of
sophomore year. She was okay but nothing to write home about. Junior year
after the word got out that I would make the basketball team, I seem to
never to be tight pre teens without available *****.""Please, not so loud, son." Bill was a little self-conscious."Oops, sorry. Anyway, junior year the basketball team was my entrance pre teen nudeist
all the fine young ****s in the school. Everyone figured that we xxx pre teen girl would make
a run for the state title and they wanted to be part of it. I started going
out with Samantha Hedison who was known in the boy's locker room as "the
body." Too bad the million dollar body had a two dollar brain, but she was
a great **** and a better blow job." Jeff paused as the server delivered
there food."Jeff, that's not much of a lunch is thai nude pre teen
it?" Bill was concerned about the
soup, salad, and fruit cup his son had ordered."Dad, my body is my career, I need to take care of it. Not that you're not
in good shape, but you could do better than that French Dip.""Point well taken, go on.""Remember that didn't last too long, I've met some dumb women, but she was
a box of thai pre teen
rocks." Finally, I started going with Heather Lynch. She had a
more than acceptable body, was smart and knew what she wanted sexually from
me -- which was easy, eat her ***** and wear a condom. I remember that you
and mom thought I had found the love of my life. But Heather and I knew
that we would go our separate ways after high school.""I remember Heather, I knew you were in her pants -- just wished I could
have gotten there too." Bill let out a lecherous chuckle. "When did the guy
thing start.""I was just about to get to that," Jeff signaled the server for more
water. After the server left, Jeff continued. "I could see myself and the
waiter getting happy together, but I unusual pre teen porn
digress."Bill looked at the waiter and back at Jeff. "You are a horny toad, aren't
you.""Just looking at the menu, besides all I want today is across the table
from me. But back to my tale, Heather and I continued to date into senior
year. Once again the basketball team was great, with Greg Morrison how
could we go wrong.""Oh, right the Morrison boy, didn't he get a scholarship somewhere? I
really am sorry I wasn't around more to attend your games. But the job was
a real backbreaker travel-wise with the new factories opening up in Asia
and all. I do recall making the games during the playoffs.""That's okay Dad, you were there more than some parents. Greg did get a
scholarship to University of Washington at Seattle, which means he comes to
LA twice a year. Anyway, one Friday night after a game Greg and I topless pre teen photos
Heather and his girl friend whose name I forget out pre teen ***** free to eat. I was horny and
was sure that Greg was the same. Something started an argument between us
guys and the girls -- must have been really important because I can't
remember what it pre teen sex education was about -- but in any event they asked to go home, so we
jumped in Greg's car pre teen boy ru and took the girls home. So there Greg and I were our
balls aching and no way to get relief. naked pre teen galleries I think Greg made the first
suggestion -- something along the lines of we could jack off together. I
wanted more that night, so I suggested that we give each other a russian pre teen pics blowjob. I
was curious about having sex with another guy and thought this was my
chance. At first Greg was cool to the idea. But after I reached over and
started rubbing his crotch, he warmed up. This may sound hooky, but we
drove out to a lover's lane in the country and got in the back seat. By now
I was the aggressor, in charge of the situation. I wanted to satisfy my
curious nature. I remember reaching over and kissing Greg and being
surprised that he did not recoil. We gave each other a deep kiss and
proceeded from there. I was all thumbs as I unbutton his shirt and undid
his pants. I played with his nipples and sucked on his balls, I was pre teen skirt so bad
I amazed he could get off. That nice pre teens pictures night I sucked my first **** and discovered
that I like the taste of semen. I also got my first blowjob from a guy,
Greg was as good a ****sucker as he was on the basketball floor.""Wow, that's quite a saga, did you and Greg continue this relationship?"Yes, sir we did and continue it to this day. While we were in high school
both Greg and I still had sex with our girl friends but we also had a very
discreet relationship between ourselves. Greg took my virgin ass and I the
same for him. He still has one of the best ****s -- after yours of course
-- that has been my pleasure to pleasure."Jeff grew silent as the waiter brought the check. Bill tried to pick up the
tab put Jeff stopped him. "I'm the one with the expense account.""Yes, you are, I'll pay you back later." Bill tried to be suggestive."Dad, I certainly hope we can pay each other back."Arriving back at Bill's condo, Jeff continued his history lesson. "After
high school the LA scene was something to behold. Freshman year in Westwood
is still kind of a blur, such a different atmosphere from high school, but
I remember that you and Mom were counting on me to do well so erotic pre teens stories I worked at
it.""Your freshman grades were better than pre teenmodel links we expected." Bill had been pleased
to see Jeff's grades. They were sitting on the sofa facing each other, with
Jeff's right knee touching Bill's left. Both had kicked off their shoes."Freshman film studies is really a lot of basics, pre teens models free
such as terms, studio
corporate structure, set design philosophy, etc. The best part was being
able to go to several sets where movies were actually being filmed, I
actually got hired as an extra as a result of one of those trips, a truly
forgettable film, and my scene is on the cutting-room floor. Then sophomore
year my life changed. I was dating this girl, yes Dad a girl, who was also
in film studies, she wanted to be an actress. Anyway, one night we were at
her place and I was giving her ***** my best tongue bath. You know, I like
the taste of ***** almost as the taste of ****. I was so engrossed trying
to please her that I didn't notice her roommate come in. I finally realized
that my **** was in someone's mouth and that from our positions that mouth
did not belong to my date. danish nude pre teen Looking down I knew that some blonde surfer type
was on my ****, I pulled my **** out of his mouth. He just looked up,
grinned and told me that with my **** I should be making adult
movies. Well, he took my **** back in his mouth and finished me off, I
naturally reciprocated. He didn't have a great **** but I felt like I owed
him one. I had forgotten what he said until pre teen fre
I saw a notice on a bulletin
board at school that a local studio was looking for guys for a movie. So I
went to the audition, what the note didn't say was that the studio produced
only gay films. This was not X-rated stuff but closer to hard R
stuff. Anyway all I had to do was be in a gay disco scene and make out with
the guy of my choice from among the other extras."Jeff paused, "All this talk has made me thirsty, I think some wine would be
okay.""I have some Merlot or a White Zinfandel." Bill got up to go to the
kitchen."I'll have the Merlot." Jeff took off his khakis while Bill was in the
kitchen.Bill arrived pre teen nude indians
with the wine and Jeff continued the story of his sexual
odyssey. "As I was saying that little bit led to another small role in
another movie. The second movie, I was a dancer in a club. This was a real
break because all I wore was a thong, and my body must have impressed
someone because it was a short time later that I was asked if I wanted to
make adult movies.""So you've been doing these movies for two years now." pre teen maxwell models Bill was coming to
terms with his son's choice."Yes, sir. My only regret is not having the courage to tell you and Mom
about my activities. I wasn't sure how you would react to that kind of
news. And I was pretty sure that without an adult theater or book store for
fifty miles that you were not likely to find out. Mom may have had some
suspicions that my life changed when I moved to Santa Monica. But with the
extra money I was bringing in, I wanted out of the dorms."I just hope that you will tell pre teen nude legal
your Mother some day.""I was planning to when I graduate this summer. Despite my schedule, I have
not let my studies slide. I pre teen nonnude model should be in the pre teens harcore child top of my class, not high
enough for any rewards but still more than competitive.""That is quite a story, why were you referred to a porn star at the party?"Well, quite frankly, if I may boast a little, I'm at the top of young pre teen nudes the charts
when it comes to gay male stars. I command top billing and top salary. I
got $2,500 for that blowjob and $2,500 for getting ****** by you, although
I would suck your **** for free. But most importantly to me, I get to pick
who I work with and can reject anyone I don't want. And my criteria are
firm and unbending. I won't bother with all the details, but one of my most
important is that I won't work with druggies. Remember you told me that you
would prefer that I star in porno pre teen gay porn movies than do drugs. Well, I'm a gay
porn star and I don't do drugs.""I'm glad to see that you followed that piece of latino pre teen advice."Dad, how long have you been having sex with men? Jeff started rubbing
Bill's leg."I started years ago before I met your mother, she knows about those
relationships but I have kept the recent ones from her. I, too, was not
sure how she would react." Bill was being totally honest."Oh, I think she would understand." Jeff put down his wine glass and
reached for his father. "Now, I want you to make love to me, Bill." They
were no longer father and son, but were now pre teen boy bondage lovers.Bill could not fault Jeff's audacity. "Let me get comfortable, like you."
Bill stood and removed his trousers. Jeff had repositioned himself to sit
next to Bill. Jeff leaned closer to his father and kissed him. Bill
returned the kiss by letting his mouth fall open to Jeff's tongue. This was
a long delirious kiss, both men enthralled to be with the other. Jeff made
next move by moving his hand down to Bill's **** and stroking it thru the
silky material of the bikini that Bill had worn for this pre teen hymens special
occasion. Bill was slowly unbuttoning Jeff's shirt, all the while they
kissed. Bill reached inside Jeff's shirt and started caressing his nipples,
not really a pinched just petite modles pre teen
a loving touch. When he had finished unbuttoning
the shirt, Bill broke the kiss and removed Jeff's shirt. "Please take
yours off, too" Jeff wanted to see his dad's body. Bill stood to remove his
pullover. Jeff made room for him to stretch out on the couch.After Bill was fully laid out Jeff straddle his crotch with a leg on either
side of Bill's torso and leaned forward to kiss him again. Their tongues
intertwined briefly in Bill's mouth before Jeff broke the kiss and moved to
Bill's nipples. Jeff knew his dad like to have his nipples licked and
sucked, and he was an expert at turning men on. Jeff continued to alternate
between nipples as his father moaned softly with pleasure. Jeff now
continued his trek down his father's body, licking pre teen topless photos and gently biting his
way to his father's ****. Reaching his father's bikini briefs, he started
by nuzzling his father's **** through the silk. Next, came a tongue bath of
the silk. Finally, Jeff pulled the material aside to reveal what he had
been after since lunch -- his father's ****. Without using either amsterdam pre teenz hand, he
took the **** in his mouth and gently suck on it.Jeff was moving up and down the **** in a ever increasing rhythm. He had
learned pre teen photographs from experience that every good ****sucker has an optimum pace, not
too fast and not too slow and Jeff was an expert ****sucker. He spent time
sticking his tongue in the pee hole, he removed the **** from his mouth and
licked the underside, he raised his father's legs so that he could tongue
his dad's *******, he made sure that Bill's hole was well lubricated with
saliva. Jeff finally returned to Bill's hard ****. This time he deep
throated him to the edge of nude pre teen sex cumming, Real pre teen
Bill's **** tensed and his body began
to convulse. Jeff had him erotic model pre teen
where he wanted him and so stopped sucking the
****."Oh, please don't stop." Bill was ready to have pre teen sex oics
Jeff finish the blow job."No, Bill, I want you to cum inside my ass, let's find a bed." Jeff took
hold of Bill's **** and led the way toward the bedrooms. This time Jeff was
on his back and Bill was standing next to the bed. Jeff took his **** back
in his pre teen cartoon
mouth to get it hard and wet. Bill reached into the younger pre teens nude nightstand and
took out the recently purchased lube. Bill very sexy pre teen gently put some on Jeff's ass
and slowly inserted a finger in Jeff's ass, Jeff squirmed in pleasure."Stick that **** in me.""Should I get a condom?""Bill, I think I can trust you to be negative, **** me."This time Bill was not as gentle as the previous night. After penetrating
his son's ass he rammed all seven inches in at one time. Jeff let out a
moan of delight. "That's it, I want it all, give it pre teen pics forums to me." It took a few
second for Bill's thrusts to get in sync with Jeff's pelvic movements, but
once in sync, avi pre teen
the twosome became a ****ing machine.Bill marveled at his son's ability to contract the muscles around his ass
to massage Bill's ****. This was one great ****** that Bill's **** was
in. Bill wasn't sure how long he could keep from coming, the previous
night's ****ing had gotten rid of some of the goth pre teen girls built up tension, but this
was better than last night."Jeff, I'm about ready," Bill panted."Don't pull out, I want your cum in me." Jeff's voice was passionate but in
control."Oh, yes, oh yes, I'm cumming." Bill climaxed in Jeff's ass. Jeff could
feel an pre teen nn toplist explosion of cum in his ass and loved it.Bill continued to pump his son's ass for a few seconds before pulling his
**** from Jeff's body. Jeff immediately put Bill's **** in his mouth to
suck to dry."I can't get enough of the taste of cum." Jeff said.The glow of great sex filled the room. "That was the best **** I've ever
had with a man." Bill was not lying, his son was a masterful lover."Thanks, I could take your **** all day and all night." Jeff was pre teens porno gratis also being
honest, his dad was a great pre teens thumbnails lover."Let me do you," Bill reached for Jeff's ****."You don't have to, my pleasure comes from seeing you pleased.""No, I want to suck your **** and have it in my ass. Please." Bill wanted
to taste the cum of pre teen panty pic a porn star."Be my guest." Jeff got to his knees and brought his pre teens naked sites
**** to Bill's
lips. The older man inhaled his son, taking all but the last of the nine
inch **** in his mouth. Jeff face ****** his father with abandon, many sex
scenes had trained him to control his body and he was determined to enjoy
this **** by making sure it was long and wonderful. Bill released Jeff's
**** and started licking his son's balls and the underside of that
magnificently erect ****."Oh, that feels so good, don't free young pre teens stop." Jeff was not acting, the sensation of
Bill's tongue was overwhelming. But Jeff wanted back in Bill's mouth,
grabbing his father's head he put his **** horny pre teen samples back between Bill's lips. Now
Jeff was ramming his **** into his lover's mouth, nude pre teens pics "Take it all, suck my
****." Jeff commanded his father.It was all Bill could do to take all of his insatiable son's member, but
Bill was in heaven.Finally, removing pre teen lingerie model his **** from Bill, Jeff was ready for his dad's
ass. "Get on your knees, it will be easier from behind." As Bill rolled
over, he wondered if he could take Jeff's monster **** in his ass. "Go
slowly at first," Bill whispered."You'll love this," Jeff replied as he put lube on Bill's ass.The penetration was not as painful as Bill might have imagined, his son
knew how to please a man and made his entry into Bill's child porn pre teen
ass smoothly. Once
inside, pre teen nudist pics
Jeff started the same rhythmtic motions as when his dad had ******
him. Jeff grabbed his partners hips and slammed his **** ever deeper into
Bill."Your **** feels so good," Bill was enjoying the sexual pain of having a
**** in his ass."Your ass is so pre teen models toplist
pre teen spanking tight, I love it." Jeff had not been in such an ass in a
long time.They continued to pump each other for minutes, Jeff knew that the time was
right to cum. But he wanted to finish this like a real porn flick, he
wanted to cum on his father's face."I sex pre teen pictures about to cum," Jeff pulled out of his father's ass and rolled Bill on
his back.He didn't have to bring his **** close to Bill's face, the first of the cum
stream landed on Bill's nose and lips, the second on his lover's
chest. Slowly Jeff brought pre teen models swimwear his tongue to the cum on his father's face and
lapped it up. "My cum tastes so good," Jeff kissed Bill with his cum
covered tongue. Next, he worked his way to the cum on his father's chest
again licking up every drop as he sucked on Bill's nipples.Bill pulled his son close to him and took Jeff's **** back into his
mouth. The taste of his son's cum was a great way to end this ****. "Its
been a long time since I tasted such sweet cum." Bill had forgotten about
Brandon the previous evening. sexy pre teen list "Come here." Jeff settled in next to his
father and slowly rubbed Bill's tits.They remained silent for several minutes. Jeff was first to speak, "Dad, I
can't tell you how much I love you and what this get together has meant to
me. I hope you can accept what I am and what I do.""Jeff, you are your own man and while some may look down on your career, I
will not. Just finish school, the education will be worth while long after
your film career is over. But you pre teen modeling tgp must promise me one thing.""What's that Dad.""That I can get a repeat performance in the future, you are one great
lover.""Of course, anytime you want." Jeff rolled over and kissed his father.The sun was going down naked pre teen females as they walked to Bill's car. "Why don't you try pre teen nudist galleries to
come home over spring break, I'm taking some time off and will be home.""I'm not sure what my filming schedule will be like, that's six weeks from
now and plans sometimes change. But if I can work it out I'll be there."
Jeff said as he opened the car door.Silence returned as they drove to Jeff's hotel. Again, Jeff was the first
to speak. "I probably should tell you a bit more of my sexual history.""There is more!""Yes, Dad, there is a bit more, and although some things are better left in
secret, this you should know.""Okay, let me have it.""You are not the first Carruthers man I ******."Bill Carruthers was thunder struck. "Are you telling me that you ******
Ray." In Bill's japanese pre teen video
mind's eye pre teen porn thumb
he instantly pre teenager modle
had a picture of Jeff's **** in his
18 year old son's ass."Yes, I have and hope to do so again. Dad he more or less came on to me
during my senior year in high school and we have nudes models pre teen done it ever since. I know
he was only 16 when we started but he's a natural. I guess I'm just a male
nympho."They had reached the hotel. An awkward calm filled the car. Bill took out
his business card and wrote his address on the back. "I want you to keep me
up to date on real little pre teens your activities, better use snail-mail for anything we don't
want sandra pre teen models in public. The e-mail is my pre teen philippine girls non-business address. And do try to get
home for spring break.""Dad, I'll write and will work on being there in the spring." Jeff leaned
over and gave his Dad one last long wet kiss on the lips, and opened the
door.As his son was getting out of the car Bill had a question, "How did you
know that I liked to have my nipples licked and sucked?"Dad, that's a part of the pre teen nude raped story I didn't think you needed pre teen ****ing sex to know.""Why don't I need to know?Jeff swallowed hard and told his father the truth, "I got that from Mom,
I've been ****ing her since I was 16." Jeff shut the car door and walked
Part Three "The Homecoming" is in the works.
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